The Things They Left Behind

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Afghan Sand, 3.18.10 Earthenware 20x18x18 © artist
The Things They Left Behind
Curated by: Leslie Ferrin

Ferrin Gallery
Pittsfield, MA 01201
April 10th, 2010 - May 25th, 2010
Opening: April 10th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

other (outside main areas)
11 - 4
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)
mixed-media, installation, conceptual, sculpture


Michael Boroniec, a Berkshire native, resides and creates sculptural work in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Michael treasures the creative spirit he finds in the Berkshires complemented by the region's rich cultural history, natural surroundings, and family. His work primarily focuses on materials and the direct relationship with the artist, viewer, and society. Michael's primary medium is ceramic. He has also found success and welcome audiences for his work in other media including painting, printmaking, and time-based art. His work is represented by Ferrin Gallery. Michael's current work is focused on honoring the service of his childhood friend, Sam Russo, a West Point Graduate, who will be redeploying to Afghanistan in March 2010 for his second tour of duty. Michael has been sculpting the uniforms and equipment that will travel with Captain Russo into the war zone. Best friends since 2, Boroniec and Russo have shared a unique synergy throughout their lives.A pacifist, Boroniec created an installation at the outset of the United State conflict of Afghanistan in 2008 entitled "Messages". The installation is comprised of over 20 ceramic doves collaged with news articles about the war; silk-screened prints of oil barrels and flags made of crude and used motor oil; news columns and a pair of boots made by observational sculpture. The doves are the message carriers that are a representation of peace. The boots in the installation sit like stone atop an oil barrel that was tagged with a factory pushing out smoke, all back dropped with an American flag subtitled, "Shroud of America." Like most of his work, it is a photo realistic styled moment in time. Commenting on the installation, Boroniec has said, "There is a time and place when the work was created. It takes me there. From observational sculpting these are the boots of my childhood friend - a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and West Point graduate who continues to serve in the Afghan conflict. "Messages" is a story derived from life, a story that will be printed in history books, a story to be studied for centuries." Boroniec earned his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, with a concentration in Ceramic Material Sciences.