Refuge (Main Gallery)

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© Courtesy of the Artist and thinkspace
Crossing The River (close up view) © Courtesy of the Artist and thinkspace
© Courtesy of the Artist and thinkspace
Refuge (Main Gallery)

6009 Washington Blvd.
90232 Culver City

March 12th, 2010 - April 2nd, 2010
Opening: March 12th, 2010 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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Tue-Sat 12-6
urban-art, environment, installation, sculpture


* This will be the last show at our Silver Lake location. We will relocate to Culver City this April.

(Los Angeles, CA)Thinkspace is honored to welcome Denmark based artist Armsrock along with New York City based artist Imminent Disaster to our gallery for Refuge, their first two-person show together.

Refuge is the forced necessity of societies in collapse. It begins with people in motion, moving away from circumstances that are barren or perilous, that are unable to sustain their life or are actively seeking to end it. Refuge carries with it the transience of being in between one home and another; it is a liminal space, its structures are built to be packed away with ease; it momentarily rebuilds community while acknowledging the fragility of its permanence.

This idea of Refuge grounded in the local presence of tent cities in Southern California will be the basis of the upcoming collaborative installation between Armsrock and Imminent Disaster. This exhibition will illustrate the fragile and temporary nature of any refuge and the collaborative installation between the two artists will be an allegory of sorts illustrating how we are all stuck in the same boat, which seems to be sinking.

“Refuge’s political underpinnings only intensify its visual impact as a catalogue of catastrophes and archetypal contemplations sketched on walls and dangling from ceilings – a mélange of textiles, dimensions, and heroic execution.” - JUXTAPOZ

Opening Friday, March 12h in our main gallery:
Armsrock & Imminent Disaster ‘Refuge

Armsrock artist bio:

Armsrock is an urban-artist and activist who, for the last several years, has been working with the human condition in the urban environment. He has been working with the medium of drawing in various ways to explore and comment on the city and the society that’s housed within it. He has been trying to question the role of art and artist in society by making art that is ephemeral, for free and for everybody. By creating hundreds of unique drawings of his fellow citizens, and placing these original pieces on the walls of the city, in an attempt to generate a critical understanding of the stories and fates that houses around and in all of us, he hopes to send a signal or raise a question about the details and mechanisms of our society.

Armsrock has taken part in a number of high profile events in the past year. His project ‘Bispeengbuen’ was part of LYSLYD in Copenhagen, Denmark where his subjects were etched with a needle onto black pani photo slides and projected across the city for the month of February with the support of the Municipality of Frederiksberg. This past February also saw his installation based show ‘Zettelkasten’ open in Copenhagen, which was based upon drawings of the residents of Sankt Hans Gade, where the artist was born and raised. Other recent high profile events include his ‘Discontinuities (Fragmentation)’ installation at the Hochschule Fur Kunst University Of The Arts in Bremen, Germany, his participation in the recent GLOW 09 - International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture in Eindhoven, Germany and his massive site-specific installation at the Museum Of Cycladic Art in Rome, Greece this past fall. His work has shown the world over and his message is just beginning to be spread.

“Armsrock is a leading voice in a new generation of artists. Born in 1984, the Dane is one of a select group under 30 successfully working back and forth with ephemeral media on the street and with archival materials within formal settings at an internationally recognized level” – The Art Street Journal

Artist website:

Imminent Disaster artist bio:
Imminent Disaster is an emerging Brooklyn-based artist creating in a variety of mediums including wheat pasted prints pulled from linoleum block cuts, hand-cut paper work, silk screening, collage and assemblage. Disaster is inspired by the street as an environment: a place with people, structures and history that are constantly being destroyed and rebuilt. Combining carefully researched fact and legend, she creates figurative images and historically inspired broadsides that are glimpses of a world that has fallen through the cracks of time.

Disaster has participated in the Miss Rockaway Armada, The Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea, The Swimming Cities of Serenissima, and Wooster on Spring, amongst other high profile group and featured exhibitions, including showing during Art Basel in Miami, FL for the past two years with Thinkspace (2008 GenArt Vanguard / 2009 Aqua Wynwood).

Artist website:

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the works for ‘Refuge’ coming together: