You Can Heal Your Life

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Paranoia Paradise , 2009 Laser Prints, Acrylic, And Invisible Tape On Paper; Mounted On Shaped Wood With Edges Sealed And Painted With Acrylic And Bondo 9 X 12 X 3/4 © Courtesy of the Artist and Circus Gallery
You Can Heal Your Life
Curated by: EMMA GRAY

7065 Lexington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
January 7th, 2010 - February 6th, 2010
Opening: January 7th, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Tue-Fri 11am - 5pm
religion, spirituality, self-help, video, printmaking, performance, sculpture


Circus Gallery is pleased to announce You Can Heal Your Life a group show curated by Emma Gray, featuring works by Sister Corita, John Espinosa, Gustavo Godoy, Dawn Kasper, Jason Meadows, Aleksandra Mir, Jen Liu, Josh Podoll, Jeni Spota, Jose Alvarez and Thomas Lanigan Schmidt.

The art works in this show seek to address issues of religion, spirituality and self-help through performance, sculpture, painting, video and printmaking. The title has been lifted from Louse L. Hay’s best selling and controversial self-help book You Can Heal Your Life, which was first published in the late 1980’s - an era awash in New Age ideas. Adherents of the New Age movement believe that a spiritual era is dawning in which individuals and society will be transformed. Some of the artists in this show are connecting with or questioning new age beliefs and others are directly engaging with religious iconography and dogma.

Hey - it’s January 2010 - a time for renewal. 2009 was a drag and we are here to bring a little light into your life!

Sister Corita - Sister Mary Corita gained international fame for her vibrant serigraphs during the 60’s and 70’s. She is a world-renowned artist, activist and educator whose artwork addresses political and social issues in bold vivid color.

John Espinosa – Espinosa’s uses David Bowie as a ‘crying idol’ parallels the rockstars real-life mismatched colored eyes – a condition called heterochromia. Espinosa explores transcendence and myth in his intense larger scale sculptures. Born in Bogotá Columbia he received an MFA from Yale in 2002 and has had solo shows at Sandroni Rey in Los Angeles, Fredric Snitzer in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami.

Jen Liu – Liu will debut her video ‘New Dawn Fades’ a title which is taken from the Joy Division song. In this video we watch the Crunch Division, who exercise all day, and the Peace Division, who meditate all day. Jen Liu received an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, and has exhibited extensively, with recent exhibitions at Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam; Aspen Art Museum, Colorado; Kunsthaus Zurich; Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool; Royal Academy, London; Henry Art Gallery, Seattle; Czarna Gallery, Warsaw; and De Hallen Museum, Haarlem.

Jason Meadows – Jason Meadows sculptures play with narrative. Meadows often creates larger than life sculptures that mix the hand made with the factory made. Jason Meadows received and MFA from UCLA and has shown his work at the Rubell Family Collection, Marc Foxx, and Tonya Bonakdar Gallery in NYC.

Josh Podoll - Meditation plays an integral role in the work of Joshua Podoll. The fetishzed edges and experimentations within the surface plane create a dialogue of synthetic forms that transition the viewer’s eye across his paintings in a contemplative fashion. Thus, the act of painting and the experience of meditating become indistinguishable. Joshua Podoll lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Podoll has a solo show at Christopher Grimes Gallery on January 16th

Aleksandra Mir – Aleksandra Mir’s future is filled with the goods of today. She shows the way by champion mistakes and sins. As she said about her famous Mandala drawings, “My own kitchen-sink Mandalas are for the alcoholic in all of us.” Mir has shown and taught extensively, she was born Poland and is a citizen of Sweden, she now lives and works in NYC and Sicily.

Jose Alvarez – Following a suggestion made in 1988 by renowned skeptic, James Randi, Alvarez "channeled" the spirit of a 2,000-year old shaman known only as Carlos. Carlos made his first notable public appearance at the Sydney Opera House in Australia and, in the coming years, traveled the world over. He performed in front of capacity crowds. The stunt is long over, and for this show Alvarez will show an exuberantly psychedelic collage, Alvarez says he “believes in the transformative powers of art.” Alvarez lives in Florida and New York.

Gustavo Godoy – Gustavo Godoy is building an entrance to a temple. It is the grand entrance to the gallery in his idiosyncratic style of angular shapes of wood and cement. His sculpture will lead people toward the light of the gallery and will help the viewer understand they are entering something special. Godoy received his MFA from Vermont College and has a solo show opening at Honor Fraser later - Fast-formal Object: Big White at Honor Fraser Gallery opening January 16, 2010

Dawn Kasper – Has been gaining international attention for the raw, emotional performances that delve into life’s big questions. Who are we? Why am I here? Is this all worth it? Where can we find love? She received an MFA from UCLA and has had solo shows at Circus Gallery in Los Angeles, Co-Lab in Copenhagen, and recently preformed at Leo Koenig in NYC.

Jeni Spota – Jeni Spota recently exhibited at the Santa Monica Museum and received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Spota’s paintings mine religious imagery, from Giotto to the early renaissance.

Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt - Lanigan-Schmidt studied at the Pratt Institute and School of Fine Arts in Manhattan, his artwork incorporates materials such as tinsel, foil, cellophane, saran wrap and glitter. Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt is represented in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has been an instructor in the M.F.A. Program of The School of Visual Arts in New York City since the mid-1980s. Lanigan-Schmidt lives and works in New York City.