Darkness & Light

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Darkness & Light
Curated by: Elise Barclay, Jay Belloli

145 N. Raymond Ave.
91103 Pasadena

January 20th, 2007 - March 25th, 2007
Opening: January 20th, 2007 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Gallery Hours: 12 - 5 pm (Closed Tuesdays)
sculpture, installation, photography, video


This show is at the Armory Northwest
965 North Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA

Darkness & Light, a juried exhibition consisting of art by 12 Southern California artists at Armory Northwest/965 will be on view through March 25.

The 6,000-square-foot gallery features video, sculpture, painting, photography and installation-based work that focuses on the physical qualities of dark and light, as expressed by valuethe range of pigments from black to white, as well as the use of light and darkness in art installations and in projected slides and video.  Inevitably, the colors black, white and gray, as well as illumination and shadow impart psychological or emotive qualities to works of art.  The exhibition consists of work by Deb Diehl, Doug Harvey, Craig Havens, Emily Hopkins, Jane Mulfinger, Rosalyn Myles, Hilary Norcliffe, Carolie Parker-Lopez, Joan Perlman, Connie Samaras, Zachary Stadel, and Nicola Vruwink.  

Craig Havens’ landscape photographs explore subtle qualities of dark and light. Joan Perlman’s monumental gray and black painting is a response to the  dramatic and haunting landscape of Iceland.  Zachary Stadel’s sculpture, with its repeated geometric forms, is placed behind a wall and the narrow view into it evokes a illuminated parking garage. Deb Diehl’s installation consists of a series of projected and framed video profile silhouettes, recalling 19th century silhouette portraits.  Emily Hopkins’s ceiling-mounted structure is the surface on which she projects images of insects attracted to light.  Doug Harvey’s large suspended chandelier sculpture evokes qualities of collapse.  Connie Samaras’ projected video created in the extreme Antarctica captures the simple yet dramatic activity that occurs.

Carolie Parker-Lopez’ dramatically illuminated installation of transparent containers of water on glass shelves, and the shadows created, plays with the captivating world of the senses disapproved of in Plato’s allegory of the cave.  The three monumental transparent and interiorly illuminated geometric forms in Jane Mulfinger’s installation each contain white down occasionally blown vertically by a fan, evoking qualities of spatial relationships,  time, and unpredictable movement. Hilary Norcliffe slides are handmade and contain translucent materials or drawings whose shadows are projected on the wall. Nicola Vruwink’s installation is crocheted from old audio tapes, and the accompanying sound element layered and mixed from the recordings on the tapes.

The final installation in the exhibition, Rosalyn Myles large circus tent-like structure, takes visitors in to a commedia del arte-inspired stage whose sounds and unreal three-dimensional images evoke aspects of Hurricane Katrina.

This exhibition will be a part of ArtNight Pasadena on Friday, March 9, 6-10 p.m. Visit for more information about all the cultural venues participating in this citywide event.  

Darkness & Light was juried by Jay Belloli, Director of Gallery Programs, Elise Barclay, Assistant Curator, and Scott Ward, Executive Director at the Armory Center for the Arts served as jurors.

The gallery at Armory Northwest/965 is located at the back of the warehouse at 965 North Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena. Gallery hours are Friday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.  Admission is free.