The Artists' Alphabet #1: The Great Recession

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"Alphabet Potluck: H", 2009 © 2009 courtesy of the artist
"F: Fear (interior of an economic terminus)", 2009 © 2009 courtesy of the artist
"MLS kitchen I", 2009 © 2009 courtesy of the artist
Worst Case Scenario, 2009 Lightjet Print 20"X20" © 2009 courtesy of the artist
"Popular", 2009 © 2009 courtesy of the artist
"Sign I Made For My Brother and Sister-in-Law's Yard Sale (On The Occasion of Losing a Job, Selling A House, and Leaving L.A.)", 2009 Photograph 10" X 8" Each (Diptych) © 2009 courtesy of the artist
"{L is for Loss}", 2009 © 2009 courtesy of the artist
The Artists' Alphabet #1: The Great Recession
Curated by: D. Jean Hester

2888 East Walnut Street
Studio 10
Pasadena, CA 91107
November 5th, 2009 - November 28th, 2009
Opening: November 8th, 2009 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

fri/sat/sun 12p to 5p | and by appointment
mixed-media, photography, digital, conceptual


A is for artist.

A is for alphabet.

A is for “The Artists’ Alphabet #1: The Great Recession”.

This project brings together eight artists to explore the theme of the Great Recession using the structure of an alphabet.

The idea is simple:  each of the participating artists creates a piece of art for a letter in the alphabet.  All 26 pieces are then combined into a book.   The concept for this initial project is "The Great Recession" - responses, strategies, concerns, and thoughts related to the current economic meltdown.  Anything from hope to panic to pragmatic advice to feelings of hope and liberation.

Once structure and topic were decided upon, a group of artists were invited to participate, and gathered at curator D. Jean Hester’s studio in May 2009.  The letter “A” was reserved for an introductory essay.  The artists each drew two or three letters at random from a coffee can, thus letting fate assign them their letters for the project.   Once the artists had drawn their letters, the remaining letters, “I” and “O”, were dedicated to group projects.  The artists dispersed to work on their projects, which were submitted two months later, and pulled together into a book.  Hester also arranged for interviews with the artists (to address the group letter “I”), and set up time for a collaborative exquisite-corpse style drawing (to address the group letter “O”).

The book, “The Artists’ Alphabet #1: The Great Recession” , is the inaugural project for Powder Room Projects, established in Spring 2009 by D. Jean Hester as an accessible, flexible, small-scale, intimate, and sustainable creative base that will encourage collaboration and exchange amongst artists.