Lorraine Lubner "Painting"

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White Down, 2008-9 Acrylic 35 X 29"
Lorraine Lubner "Painting"

Bergamot Station G6
2525 Michigan Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404
October 14th, 2009 - November 14th, 2009
Opening: October 14th, 2009 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

santa monica/venice
Wed - Sat, 11 - 5
abstract, modern


Lorraine Lubner’s new painterly abstractions, composed of bold fields of color, powerful marks and brushstrokes, and rich layers of paint, display a masterfully controlled chaos that the artist commands as she pleases.  At first look Lorraine Lubner’s new abstractions have perhaps become more suggestive of landscapes and horizons than has been true in the recent past.  But, while there may be the suggestion of landscape, the paintings remain completely committed to the language of abstract painting.  Her paintings are about the artist’s relationship with paint; the struggles and decision process of studio work, playful intuition going hand-in-hand with the wisdom of experience.  These are complex and challenging paintings that manage to remain relaxed and accessible.


The artist writes, “For me painting is primarily about the use of paint, the textures, the colors,  the changes that take place with each addition or deletion of an area, it is a constant and sometimes depressing chaos, trying to get it “right” and not knowing ahead of time what “right” is.  It is trying to use a language I cannot use words for, but must learn by doing until I feel it is getting to the language of the painting.  I love the paint itself for what it offers as a territory to explore by using colors and forms and taking for granted that it is always going to be an examination perhaps with some success but more likely pointing me in the direction of further exploration and work.”