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Scale IX Acrylic On Panel
Curated by: Hillary Metz

3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
July 19th, 2009 - August 23rd, 2009
Opening: July 19th, 2009 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

beach cities/south bay
Monday > Friday 10 - 5pm; every 2nd Saturday of the month

Lisa Bartleson: Luminate
Curated by Hillary Metz, Blythe Projects

Angels Gate Cultural Center and Blythe Projects are pleased to support new works by Venice-based artist, Lisa Bartleson. Luminate is the continuation of Ms. Bartleson's exploration into light and color-specifically color theory. While her works appear as abstractions, they reflect a keen understanding of the basic elements found in nature. Layering countless painted strips, a tapestry is built to reveal a slow transition from green to gold and blue to pearl white. We feel the physical effort and patient investment required to manifest this work. The viewer is meant to see the cumulative history and transcend the smooth resin surface. In this manner, seeing becomes a bold, new activity. A strange, beautiful glow occurs when colors meet and slowly shift. Visual drama moves into a place of contemplation and meditation. Perceptions dissolve as one follows the artist's process, realizing that nothing is to be taken for granted.

In the Scale Series, my obsession with color continues. I am presenting color in its most simple form, taking two colors and transitioning them into one another. I find absolute astonishment in seeing what develops and unfolds in the process. In each work, there is a defined horizon or contemplative zone where light radiates from the work and captures the viewer's attention.

Ms. Bartleson will also unveil Vessels, her leap into three-dimensional and installation work. Suspended from the ceiling, resin tubes disclose a luminous, often indeterminate, glow. Imbued with a similar light and life seen in her two-dimensional works, her Vessels engage mind, body and spirit. Appearing both palpable and ghostly, these works provoke questions about what, exactly, is real and what is illusory.

I feel my role as an artist is to guide the creation and channel the movement. The work has a life of its own and a story to tell.
- Lisa Bartleson, July 2009