West Coast Painters

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Untitled 1, 2009 Oil On Canvas 14"X11" © Courtesy of the Artist and AndrewShire Gallery
Tree Interrupted 1, 2009 Watercolor On Handmade Paper 12x9" © Courtesy of the Artist and AndrewShire Gallery
West Coast Painters

8687 Melrose Ave.
Space B226
90069 West Hollywood

June 25th, 2009 - July 25th, 2009
Opening: June 25th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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+1 (310) 922 3885
Mon-Fri 10-6


AndrewShire Gallery presents West Coast Painters, a group exhibition by seven artists whose abstract and representational paintings embody a wide range of working methods, imagery, and intentions.

Jonnyka Bormann paints magical places where parfait-like landscapes of fantastic terrain– abstracted mountains, enchanted meadows, and secreted valleys – lead to mythical fortresses and crystal castles. Each make-believe setting is one encountered only in daydreams, storybooks, or in Bormann’s paintings.

Ted Green is a native of Southern California who currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. His painting method involves rolling a single die so that a chance sequence of randomly generated numbers between 1 and 6, not emotive judgment, determines how a painting is to be constructed.

Hadley Holliday builds an entire painting starting from a single shape. Rather than planning a piece from beginning to end, it grows organically in an intuitive way that imparts the joy of discovering something new for the first time. Hadley received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2004.

Joan Kahn constructs hardedge paintings using spatial divisions based on perpendicular geometric shapes that hold brilliant translucent colors. Radiance is further attained by balancing fields of texture against areas coated with transparent varnish to enhance Rorschach-like shapes hidden in wood grain.

Pam Posey finds inspiration in nature and follows its lessons to restore her own natural voice. Her images of shadowy trees and forests—painted on top of media such as layered paper—have startling attributes analogous to those seen in living things while being spellbound on some hallucinatory drug.

Michael Salerno begins each painting with a monochrome or multi-colored background on top of which he makes a single mark or line. From this mark he builds a painting. Concerned with the infinite possibilities in continuous line and borderless form, he delineates space that evades notions of shape.

Hirotaka Suzuki lives and works in Pomona, California. Suzuki’s paintings are highly evolved, well-crafted works that confirm his knowledge of anatomy, graphic design, and cartoon caricaturizing. His art is full of strange and amusing creatures and characters who occupy the space of a single painting.