Fresh ‘n Easy

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© Courtesy of the Artist
Fresh ‘n Easy

Los Angeles, CA 90065
June 20th, 2009 - August 3rd, 2009
Opening: June 20th, 2009 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

eagle rock/highland park
24 hours online


ANOTHER YEAR IN LA is pleased to present the debut solo exhibition of the LA based artist
collaborative, Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young). Although Fallen Fruit has participated in many worldwide exhibitions, “Fresh ‘n Easy” is their first show in a commercial gallery.

Since 2004, Fallen Fruit has utilized fruit in their work to examine social relationships, the environment, urban space and transnational capitalism. They have stated that “fruit is the "lens" through which they look at the world”. Fruit in this context is trans-historical and crosses all classes, ages and ethnic groups.

“Fresh ‘n Easy” will feature selected of photographic works (including “The Colonial History of Fruit”, a series of portraits of teenagers from around the world eating a variety of fruit, a metaphor for their transition (“ripening” from children to adults), a series of numbered, special edition etched glass “Public Fruit Jam” jars and an edition of Neighborhood Infusions (a vodka infused with fruit found in a specific block or neighborhood in an attempt to capture the spirit of a place in a bottle). In addition, Fallen Fruit is introducing “Everyday Objects”, a limited edition collection of cutting boards, pencils, wooden spoons, gingham tablecloths and knives similar to those used during their Public Fruit Jams emblazoned with comments their videos have received on YouTube, such as “”dipshit liberals, always looking for a handout.”

Completing the exhibition, Fallen Fruit will have shelves devoted to a “Public Fruit Exchange” which implements a “barter don’t buy” ethic implicit in much of their work. On these shelves will be public fruit left by the artists which is free to be taken and in particular exchanged for other fruit that visitors to the exhibition can bring from their neighborhood. Fallen Fruit’s hope is that this will promote a flourishing collective barter economy in contrast to the commercial work on display that is only available for sale.

The show at Another Year in LA runs concurrent to Fallen Fruit’s other debut solo show, “United Fruit”, at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) opening on June 16 featuring their work related to bananas from their recent trip to Colombia. The closing reception, “After Jam”, on August 3 coincides with Fallen Fruit’s annual Public Fruit Jam at Machine Project in Echo Park on the same day.

Closing Reception - "After Jam" - Saturday, August 2,  3pm - 7pm