Rock & Elegance : A Group Show

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11x 16 In. © George Billis Gallery- LA
40" X 40" © George Billis Gallery- LA
egg, 2008 Oil On Canvas 46" X 50" © Irina Alimanestianu
Yellow Star, 2009 Oil On Linen 40 X 30 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
V-Day, 2008 Oil On Linen 40 X 30 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Black Starz, 2009 Oil On Linen 40 X 30 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Jean Michelle, 2009 Oil, Spray Paint & Gesso On Paper 41 3/4 X 43 3/4 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Combat, 2009 Gesso, Oil & Oil Stick On Paper 41 3/4 In. X 43 3/4 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Japanese Wave, 2008 Oil On Canvas 48 X 48 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Untitled Ink On Paper 30 X 22 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Untitled: Collage/Inlay Newpaper On Paper 12 X 18 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Untitled: Re-construction Found Object And Mixed Media 24 X 42 X 2 Inches © George Billis Gallery- LA
Rock & Elegance : A Group Show
Curated by: Hillary Metz

2716 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
May 12th, 2009 - June 13th, 2009
Opening: May 16th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

culver city/west la
Tue-Sat 10-6 and by appointment
History, science, photography


George Bills Gallery LA is pleased to present Rock & Elegance, our first group exhibition curated by new director, Hillary Metz. The show will feature celebrated gallery artists Carol Charney and Julie Speed alongside new gallery artists Charles Thomas O’Neil and Michael Salvatore Tierney Also on view, are very special guests Irina Alimanestianu, John Andolsek, Tony brown, Larry Mullins and Timothy Nero.

Rock & Elegance is a thoughtful gathering of artists who obsessively work to manifest their visions of the world with keen sensitivity to line and color…rhythm and grace. If the viewer accepts the maxim: “To understand the world, we must first understand ourselves,” they can find themselves looking through a kaleidoscopic lens that reveals work, not as mere images, but as a pilgrimage; a pilgrimage back to You, back to Us, or a pilgrimage to who you want to be. There is an opportunity to experience a more genuine world—and, perhaps, if you’re willing, hear the low moan and bright chirps of planet Earth.

Carol Charney photographs the details in ambiguous scenes through natural distortion— raindrops on windows. These moments foster calm introspection, emit a reflective melody and a more curious world. Julie Speed’s uniquely surrealist portraits evoke the expert craft of Giovanni Bellini and Botticelli. Her work sparks weighty questions—religion, sexuality, isolation and longing, sin and repentance—with a sly, sometimes dark, sense of humor and no tidy resolution.

The deceptively pretty paintings of Charles Thomas o’neil are the organic result of, what he refers to as, “survival of the fittest”. They testify with wonder, wit and a Be-Bop rhythm to the continued vitality of American abstract art. Straddling the line between abstraction and representation, Michael Salvatore Tierney photographs municipal buildings around Los Angeles. By deconstructing architectural interiors--highlighting line, angle, color, surface and reflection--Tierney ‘s symbolically charges our limited human perception and our sense of place.

Irina Alimanestianu describes her work as a process of intuitive play. First with brightly colored modeling clay, she creates small sculptures—humorous caricatures, ominous ‘beings’ and beautiful, simple lumps of clay. By painting them on canvas, nearly 1000 times their original size, they are given life in a world of animism and archetypes, curiosities and confusions, beliefs and disbeliefs. Alimanestianu’s current work poses the question, “How do we respond to things that look like they could exist, but don’t?” John andolsek balances chaos and clarity, seeking truth and magic through pure form. His paintings exist where Leonard Cohen meets Led Zeppelin.

‘What’s he building in there…’. Like a sensitive scavenger on a devoted search & rescue for beauty, tony brown redefines and refines roadside castaways, demolished building sites and collages discarded newspapers into graceful, iconic and talismanic work. Larry mullins’ work culminates in a visual, melodic ‘call and response’ of abstraction, pattern and text. Materializing over long periods of time, oil paint and alkyd resin are layered, sanded, scraped and revised, creating a tension between beauty and decay.

Timothy Nero’s work is an alluring jambalaya of science, history, philosophy, psychedelia, mythology. With total abandon, he draws hundreds of thousands of circles (thoughts) per drawing. Exploring realms where the human ego is not revered nor is triumphant, Nero is a champion of metaphysics and a drummer of ancient drumbeats.