Crazy Gang Presents...

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Crazy Gang Presents...

602 Moulton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
June 2nd, 2007 - June 30th, 2007
Opening: June 2nd, 2007 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

downtown/east la
Open by appointment unless otherwise indicated per exhibition.

The premise of this exhibition was asking what do young, recently (2003/4) graduated artists, who have established themselves as part of the cultural landscape here in LA and who have ongoing careers, think is worth looking at within the scene they were so recently a part of, that of artists who have very recently or are waiting to graduate themselves or have yet to garner real attention. What kind of developments in new art are they intrigued by and what can this tell us about new trends as well as where the focus has shifted to, over the gap of a just a few years? Interviewers and journalists often cite the best question to ask an interviewee is, “Who should I interview next”
The selected artists are;

Ethan Ayer
Brad Eberhard
Michael Erickson
Katie Ryan
Aaron Turner

The selecting artists; Amir Fallah, Chris Grant, Nathan Mabry, Antonio Puleo and Rob Thom all met and became friends while on the MFA program at UCLA. Their close ties and irreverent attitude marked them out and humorously earmarked them with the nickname The Crazy Gang within my circle. This tag was taken from an old time comedy group from Britain in the 1940’s – a group of comedians, all independently successful but who liked to appear together – like a funnier Rat Pack.