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Group Show

6009 Washington Blvd.
90232 Culver City

June 2nd, 2007 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Other (outside areas listed)
Tue-Sat 12-6

Fund Raiser / Event Information: More than 1,100 newly diagnosed children are treated each year at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for cancer. If our creativity can inspire at least one child to keep fighting cancer, our mission will be complete.

Re:Mission is a community art project that will benefit children with cancer treated at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. For one evening only, artists worldwide will be featuring their donated works at Thinkspace Gallery in the arts district located in Silverlake. Art pieces will be sold at a discount with 100% of the proceeds supporting the cause. Proceeds from the show will support two things:

1.       An art book displaying all donated work from each artist. Copies of this book will be distributed to children with cancer at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

2.       The rest of the proceeds will be donated to support the amazing Mark Taper & Johnny Mercer Artists Program at Childrens Hospital, which offers patients and their family members invaluable coping mechanisms through art, music, and poetry.

The show will also feature custom art furniture designs by Dzuy Doan in collaboration with Kofie, Jenn Porreca, Christian Morin, and Sohaila.

This is the perfect opportunity for the art community to reach beyond itself, making a clear and visible difference.

Participating Artists include:

Aaron Jasinski | Aaron Kraten | Aaron Mostow | Alex Fuentes | Allison Torneros | Angie Mason | Arden Hill | Augustine Kofie | Ben Kwok | C215 | Carlos Nieto | Christian Morin | Christine Mason Miller | Christopher Ulrich | Claudia Drake | Corey Smith | Daniel Urbach | Daryll Peirce | David Chung | David Wilson | Derek Albeck | Downtimer | Drout 750 | Elboe | Evil Designs | Farmer Bob | Food1 | Freddi C | Haubs | Jarrod Eastman | Jason Rudolph Pena | Jawn Agione | Jeff Shultze | Jeffrey Seaberg | Jen Lobo | Jenn Porreca | Jeremiah Ketner | Jeremy Lynch | Joe Vaux | Joey D | John Casey | John Michael Gill | Jon Todd | Jophen Stein | Josh Taylor | Julie West | Ken Garduno | Kevin Titzer | Lesley Reppeteaux | Lisa Moneypenny | Martha Sue Harris | Martin Hsu | Martin Wittfooth | Matt Cipov | Matt Linares | Matt Marchant | Mear One | Mel Kadel | Mellisa Dickenson | Michael Sieben | Mr Penfold | Oscar Beauchamp | Panchos Abalos | Paul Barnes | Phoneticontrol | Ralph Silerio | Ray Caesar | Rebecca Urias | Ross Ford | Rusty Jordan | Ryan Shaffer | Sarah Joncas | Scott G Brooks | Senor B | Soso | Tewz | The Art Dump | Tina Anderson | Walter Grio/Shoot for Change | Wilson Hsu | Zoso

For more information about the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Re:Mission or Thinkspace Gallery, please visit the below websites: