Connecting in Kyiv

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Connecting in Kyiv

1268 Ave 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042
May 30th, 2007 - June 18th, 2007

eagle rock/highland park
Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
frelin, angie, waller, jeff, cain

In partnership with Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Kyiv, Outpost has invited three U.S. artists, Adam Frelin, Angie Waller, and Jeff Cain, to travel to Kyiv in June 2007 to give a presentation of their work and to develop a new artwork out of the experience, which is to be presented in Los Angeles in 2008.

For this rare opportunity we chose artists whose practices are video and web-based because new media art facilitates movement of information between people, is economical and efficient, and is a quickly expanding contemporary art form that is connecting artistic communities across the globe. With this project, Outpost is seeking to connect two art centers in the United States, New York and Los Angeles, with contemporary artists in Kyiv.

Adam Frelin (based in Albany, NY) will develop a new video work called “The March.” The video, shot entirely in Kyiv and edited and mixed in New York, will primarily involve members of a Ukrainian marching band playing their instruments in solitary procession along Kyiv's wide boulevards. When realized, the piece will evoke ideas about how the past is experienced in an accelerated present and how individual experience and collective action are different sides of the same coin. Visit for more information about this artists' work.

Angie Waller (based in New York City) will use this travel opportunity to continue her investigation into urban progress and political resistance. In Kyiv, a city famous for the symbolic charge the Orange Revolution sent throughout the world, not to mention the level of political engagement it demonstrated among Ukrainians, the artist will collect and create an archive of photographs that explore the relationship between local and global politics in Kyiv. Visit for more information about this artists' work.

Jeff Cain (based in Los Angeles) plans to collaborate with local artists to interact with the public on the street to develop a cultural map of Kyiv. Out of this workshop, he intends to develop an interactive website that poses as an official governmental branch of the Ministry of Culture but is in fact a network driven and informed by its users. Visit for more information about this artists' work.

These three artists and the work they create as a result of this travel opportunity will be presented in Outpost for Contemporary Art’s exhibition “This is the future before it happened” in Los Angeles in 2008, which will primarily include Eastern European artists. They will also be given an opportunity to present their project and experience of Kyiv to our Los Angeles audience in a moderated conversation.

Outpost for Contemporary Art's programs are organized in thematic and geographic two-year cycles. In 2007 and 2008, the focus is on socio-political transformation in Eastern Europe, with an emphasis in 2007 on Ukraine. With these travel opportunities to Ukraine, we are seeking to open up a rich cultural exchange of ideas, approaches, and experience from “Inside” and “Outside” the realm of Ukrainian cultural influence.