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© Courtesy of UCR/California Museum of Photography
© Courtesy ofUCR/California Museum of Photography

3824 Main Street
Riverside, CA 92501
January 31st, 2009 - April 4th, 2009
Opening: January 31st, 2009 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

inland empire
Tue-Sat 12-5
mixed-media, photography, installation, video-art


MEDIATED features new works and recently produced single-channel video and installations by interdisciplinary artists Antoinette LaFarge + Robert Allen, Lim, Kelly Mark, Tracey Moffatt, Takeshi Murata, Danial Nord, and Bruce Yonemoto. As video art has emerged and morphed from the early 1960s to the present, these artists continue to find innovative uses for information technology and media. From experimental theater to pulsating abstraction, MEDIATED splices together new and used imagery, addressing current social constructs as well as conflicting perceptions of entertainment. Elements of desire, seduction, destruction, and redemption are extracted from Hollywood and Internet source material to create new narratives, as well as sculpture and installation.

The collaborative team of Antoinette LaFarge + Robert Allen have created new work exclusively for the exhibition based on their premier multimedia performance titled, Playing the Rapture, for the Baltimore Theatre Project, which took place March 26-30, 2008. Playing the Rapture: Tiny, uses a tabletop model and video projection of carefully orchestrated video clips from the original performance. As actors/gamers on stage merge with machinima footage appropriated from a computer game set in a post-Rapture world, viewers enter an imaginary stage where actors balance between virtual and real life. Their struggle over the rules of the game and belief are increasingly relevant to forces at play in America today.

Two new installations, created specifically for the UCR/CMP by media artist Danial Nord, underscore the environmental and social challenges of electronic entertainment culture. Monument is comprised of 40 cast-off television sets and discarded components compiled into a mass of obsolete technology announcing "the end" in one cacophonous round of Hollywood fanfare. The second piece, Private, confronts those entering the installation with couples arguing their way through four Hollywood films--calling, accusing and pleading in one continuous shouting match demanding viewers leave, while at the same time compelling them to stay.

MEDIATED includes a recently created video installation by Kelly Mark, who appropriates pornographic films into poetic sculpture, in addition to single-channel works by Lim, Tracey Moffatt, Takeshi Murata, and Bruce Yonemoto. All of the pieces were produced within the last five years, and in some cases make their exhibition debut at the UCR/CMP. Lim's multifandom vid, Us, has been shown on YouTube and for the last year, making MEDIATED her first real life exhibition, while Tracey Moffat has shown Love and Doomed in museums and galleries worldwide. The same is true of Takeshi Murata and Bruce Yonemoto. Sounds Like the Sound of Music was filmed in Cuzco, Peru by Yonemoto in 2005, and has been screened internationally. Takeshi Murata's Monster Movie, was featured a little over a year ago at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. as well as other important venues. This exhibition brings these significant works to our region for the first time.

Additional events in association with MEDIATED will begin on February 5th and continue through March 12th, beginning with a screening curated by artist and UC Riverside lecturer, Hilja Keading. The screening will begin at 6 PM as part of the First Thursday Riverside Art Walk on February 5th in the UCR/California Museum of Photography's Ocularium. The videos selected by Ms. Keading are a compilation of short single-channel works by established and emerging artists, such as Kyle Riedel, T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm, who remix, reenact, and recreate entertainment media. Keading, a talented and recognized video artist in her own right, has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1989.

An art talk and workshop titled, Outside the Box: Video Gone Wild, by Danial Nord will take place on February 21st from 1-4 PM. Nord will present a range of work highlighting video artists who break away from the boundaries of single-channel viewing, while provoking new audience relationships with the moving image. Following the talk, Nord will conduct a walk-through of MEDIATED and lead an experimental workshop in the museum's Digital Studio.

On March 12th from 7-8:30 PM, Decline and Fall, by artist and UC Riverside professor Erika Suderburg, will screen in the museum Ocularium. The film is described as "an experimental feature-length documentary about aerial bombing, reconstruction, mass protest, and monumentality. Spanning historical and present day images from Rome, Yucat√°n, Berlin and Los Angeles, this work examines empire; its artifacts, structures and collapse... Decline and Fall is structured as a historical epic and operates in the frisson between bodies moving through artifact and reinventing the space of urban memory as a lived place."