Paris texas: The French Connection

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Paris texas: The French Connection

326 N. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
February 5th, 2009 - February 27th, 2009
Opening: February 5th, 2009 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

orange county
Wed-Sundays 11-5 & By Appt. 949.510.5481
JoAnne Artman gallery
contemporary, art-walk, Amanda, Dunbar
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JoAnne Artman Gallery, (formerly SpaceOnSpurgeon) Presents in the Main Gallery:
Paris Texas: The French Connection featuring the works of
Parisian Artist Beatrice Englert & Dallas Artist Amanda Dunbar
February 5 - March 1, 2009
Opening Reception:  Thursday, February 5, 6-9 pm, to coincide with Laguna Beach Artwalk

JoAnne Artman Gallery
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326 N. Coast Highway , Laguna Beach, 92651
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The Orator: "Metamorphosis", Oil on Canvas by Beatrice Englert

. . .Profound renderings. . .intimate. . .isolated. . .invisible threads that people share. . .expression of maximum communication. . .all describe the artistry that is Beatrice Englert.
As described by the writer Roberta Carasso, "Englert is concerned with vulnerability and the human tendency to seek solitude when vulnerable. Her enigmatic paintings deal with the constantly inner dialogue in contrast to our outer expressions. The work is expressionistic and psychological. Englert often focuses on the head as a mirror to the source of the individual, where thoughts originate."
Englert works are on the fringes of abstraction, beyond reality, an evocation of the said and the unsaid.

The universality of French Artist Beatrice Englert through her thoughtful works demonstrates that good art deals with profound human issues and, therefore transcends borders.

a FLASH of BRILLIANT ENERGY sears across the canvas. . .Images COLLIDE in MAGNIFICENT COLOR. . .emotion and intellect  IGNITE THE SENSES. . .
Welcome to the UNIQUE world of AMANDA DUNBAR!

"Pont Aven RoofTops", Oil on Canvas by Amanda Dunbar

The French Connection. . .

Amanda Dunbar is a young painter who has traveled the world.

According to her father, at age 12, Amanda became fascinated by the color, light and techniques of the impressionists. She began creating mature paintings spontaneously that were influenced by this movement. Amanda pleaded with her parents to take her to France to visit the places where her favorite artists created and were inspired.  After her first trip, which was to Provence, as well as the famed Mourlot Atelier, she was hooked. Amanda has since spent considerable time studying and working at the Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art in Brittany, France that Paul Gauguin made famous. She has also painted throughout the rural countryside in Provence. Over time, Amanda developed her second artistic love, traditional printmaking. She was invited to work and hone her skills in Paris at the famed Mourlot press, the experts who assisted such artists as Picasso, Chagall, Miro to create stone lithographs. It was a natural fit!
You may have also seen Amanda as a Person of the Week on ABC World News finger painting with kids.
You may have seen her art splashed across riffing guitars at the Grammy awards for the MusiCares Foundation for Artists.
Amanda Dunbar is all these multiple facets: artist-teacher-humanitarian.
Amanda's art is exhibited in galleries and private collections across the country.
Amanda explores an idea that penetrates the heart of her canvas and creates a positive force. She is fearless in her aesthetic attack as brush and paint and texture swirl into sensuality and eventuality.
JoAnneArtman Gallery reveals Amanda's adventurous works from provocative, raven-dark Brazilian Ringlets cascading down a young girl's sinewy, muscular shape to geometric abstractions that zap across the canvas in Contain Your Enthusiasm.
Sexy and powerful, embrace the richness of genuine Swarovski Austrian crystals embedded in Amanda's rock n roll art guitars.
Muse will attack and release your wild roots!


Amanda's art is grounded in the person and the person is original in mind and spirit-endearing and enduring...come and join us and you will see and feel it, too...

Arenas 3 & 4-

"Party People"  is Chrystal Romero's newest collection  based on a piece she did in 2007 called "Smug".  Says Romero, "Taking the simplicity of adjusting ones tie and turning it into a complex study of human behavior, I began to wonder where this person was and who else was in the room.  The last place I expected to find him was at a party.  Playing with androgyny, sexuality, and attitude I took the liberty of creating a spectrum of people that only a rare few would want to attend a party with.  Cold aloofness and pale skin juxtapose with bold color sending mixed signals that while quiet elegance is expected, a passionate after party may be welcome."

"Three Men", Acrylic on Canvas by Chrystal Romero

"Between the Lines" features Cheryl Cotman & Carleton Christy!

Cotman's work stems from a diversity and unity of materials and methods; it is usually but not always collaborative. The richness of Cotman's finished work that rewards sustained attention, focus, and contemplation is nested in nature. Her work translates intense or deep scientific detail into visual form.

"Glasses", Drawing by Cheryl Cotman

The humor, the unexpected juxtaposition (even goofy), the seriousness, the obsessive attention to accuracy, detail and background knowledge are important qualities of Cotman's work. Her visual interpretation or representations of the natural world revel in its inventive detail.

"Massive Crash on Wall" Drawing by Carleton Christy

Carleton Christy says of his work..." Although these drawings require a good deal of preparation before I make them (the lines are places according to how troops moved in certain Civil War battles), l don't "sketch" anything before I start. I think this procedure was born from a reaction to being taught to sketch and evaluate many ideas and thumbnails before executing a formidable work. I use a mechanical pencil, valuable for its precise, consistent mark to make drawings that I hope are subtle and even sensuous."  

These detailed drawings. . .will keep you guessing. . ."How did he do that?". . .
All these artists will inspire, provoke, engage and mesmerize. With visual perceptions always changing, peek behind the stories told and you're sure to find the right artistic expression!

JoAnne Artman Gallery is located at 326 N. Coast Highway in Laguna Beach and is open Wed-Sundays from 11-5, and by appointment. Visit the first Thursday from 6-9 pm of any month to coincide with the Laguna Beach Art Walk. Street parking is available directly in front of the Gallery as well as the Downtown Parking structure located at Glenneyre Street. Take a stroll through the galleries and studios. See art come alive in North Laguna!