The Secret Art of Animators

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© Courtesy of the Artist and The Hive Gallery & Studios
The Secret Art of Animators

729 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
September 6th, 2014 - September 27th, 2014
Opening: September 6th, 2014 8:00 PM - 11:30 PM

downtown/east la
Sun-Tue by appointment; Wed-Sat 1-6
drawing, installation

The Hive Gallery & Studios presents "THE SECRET ART OF ANIMATORS" - 
an exhibition showcasing personal art work made by the talents 
behind some of the most innovative and beloved cartoons of our time. Curated by Stephen Holman and Josephine T. Huang

Plus a Hive Gallery Non-themed Group show

*A portion of the proceeds for our opening show will go to non-profit Fighting for Fitness, helping train "at risk youth" and obese children in fitness and martial arts

Featured Artist 1: The Secret Art of Animators
Featured Artist 2: Bryan K. Ward
Installation Artist: Nikki Poling

The Secret Art of Animators:

RIC HEITZMAN - Production Designer on Pee-wee's Playhouse.
MARTIN CENDREDA - Animation Director/Animator for South Park, The Problem Solverz, The Fairly OddParents.
CAROL WYATT - Production and Color Designer for The Simpsons, Rick & Morty, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.
MATT FORSYTHE - Character Designer on Adventure Time.
FACUNDO RABAUDI - Visual Development Artist and Model Maker on How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, The Croods, Shrek.
TORY BELLICI - Model Maker on Star Wars: Episode I & II. Onscreen star/presenter on Mythbusters.
STEPHEN CHIODO - Chiodo Bros/Animation Director/Puppet Fabricator on The Simpsons, Tim Burton's Vincent, Elf.
KEVIN SUKHO LEE - Nickelodeon Director of Animation Development, Animation Producer on Yo Gabba Gabba 
JON SCHNEPP - Designer/Creator/Director of Metalocalypse for Adult Swim, Directed episodes of The Venture Bros, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 
BECKY DREISTADT - Character Designer, Comic Book Artist for Adventure Time, Yo Gabba Gabba, Nick Jr.
MUSA BROOKER - Stop Motion Animator and Director - worked on Elf, Robot Chicken, Phantom Investigators.
DOMINIC POLCINO- Director of Family Guy (Star Wars Episode), Simpsons (1989), King of the Hill (1997), Creator/Director of Lovesick Fool
ERIC CALDERON - Animation Producer, Director - Afro Samurai, Linkin Park 'Breaking the Habit' music video, MTV, SEGA 
JOHN "HARV" HARVATINE - Co-Founder/Producer/Director at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios - Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken 
JUSTIN KOHN - Stop Motion Animator - Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, Coraline.
LISA HANAWALT - Production Designer - Netflix's Bojack Horseman 
JESSE MOYNIHAN - Writer/Storyboard Artist on Adventure Time 
MARGARET MEYER - Character & Costume Fabricator - Coraline, ParaNorman, Robot Chicken, Moral Orel.
MIKE MURNANE - Model Maker/Sculptor on Coraline, ParaNorman, Star Wars: Episode II 
DEVIN FLYNN - Animation Director/Animator - Y'all So Stupid, Wondershowzen, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, music videos for Flying Lotus, The Alchemist.
KAREN CHAU - Creator/Character Designer - Ni Hao Kai Lan for Nick Jr.
RICK "DIENZO" BLANCO - VP of Creative for Cartoon Network Enterprises (toys, merchandising).
RICH ZIMMERMAN- Stop Motion Animator of Gumby, Peewee's Playhouse, Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas
FON DAVIS- Set & Model Builder on Nightmare Before Christmas, James & The Giant Peach, Coraline
STEPHEN HOLMAN- Creator of Life with Loopy, Phantom Investigators, Sam Sandwich, Joe Normal (MTV Liquid TV) / Animation Artist on Pee Wee's Playhouse
JOSEPHINE HUANG- Creator of Life with Loopy, Phantom Investigators, Sam Sandwich

Hive Gallery Group show:

McEvoy-Rodriguez / David Schonhoff / Gabriel Gault / Nicole Filiatrault / Nicole Waszak / Jason Bud / Noel LaBelle / John Park / Anthony Stewart / Josephine Kahng / Peter Goode / Aglaia Mortcheva / John Park / Candice Wong and Greg Dyken / GMONIK / Sean Ghobad / Austin Hillebrecht  / McBiff / Eddie Flowler / Thom Foolery / Crack Bunny / Mo Powers / Joey Rotten / Rick Strieck / Cynthia Rogers / Ricardo Cisneros / Lizz Lopez / Jessica Latumeten / Dominique Lopez / more TBA

Featured Resident Artists:
Andrew Danielsen / Alexis Michael / Arlou Somo / / BAZ Here / Daisuke Okamoto / Gian Flores Norte / Greg Gould / Jennifer Korsen / Keli Arslancan / Ken Dougherty / Marcel DeJure / Patrick Haemmerlein / Stephen Holman / Teod Tomlinson

Resident Artists:
Andre Khazraei / Atsuko Yoo / Ave Rose / Dante Hill / David Bow /David Reyes / Doug Meyer / Dulcinea Circelli / Edward Cao / Eric Oneil / Eza Barbosa / / Gretchen Ingram / Jinx / J.Salvador / John Federico / Keith Wong / Marigrace Alebelda / Mark Posey / Maritza Torrez / Meirav Haber / Michael Phillips / Mirabelle Jones / Mike Street / Naoshi / Nathan Cartwright / Nick Bates / PAZ / Sam Ford / Sarah Aspinall / Shrine / Stephan Canthal / Superpao / 

Video Installation by:
Michael Allen

Stephanie Weitekamp
Gian Flores
Daisuke Okamoto
Maritza Torres
John Haley III