The Snowman's Melting Teeth

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The Snowman's Melting Teeth, 2014 Acrylic On Matboard © Arts and Services for Disabled
The Snowman's Melting Teeth
Curated by: Jason Triefenbach

3626 Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90804
June 7th, 2014 - September 5th, 2014
Opening: June 7th, 2014 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

long beach
Monday - Friday 10-3
Arts and Services for Disabled
outsider/folk, painting, figurative, landscape, modern, pop, traditional, drawing, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, conceptual


            The George V. Deneff Gallery at Arts and Services for Disabled





JUNE 7- SEPT 5  2014

Opening Reception SATURDAY JUNE 7 2014 6-9PM


The George V. Deneff Gallery at Arts and Services for Disabled, Inc. presents a group exhibition,

The Snowman’s Melting Teeth, curated by Jason Triefenbach.  This show brings together a wide swath of artists from across Los Angeles County- roughly half of whom are current Resident Artists at Arts and Services- working in diverse style and subject matter.  Each participating artist was given a small panel of colored matboard on which to create, and the broad theme of “vision and whimsy” as a suggested point of departure.


PARTICIPATING ARTISTS:  Kim Adina, Carlos Arredondo, Erasto Armendariz, Joshua Aster, Darcy Bartoletti, Neal Bashor, Ruben Camacho, Kira Campa, Ignacio Ceja, Caroline Davoust, Rosa Escobar, Bradney Evans, Maria Galaviz-Arroyo, Rebecca Guerra, Doug Harvey, Gustavo Herrera, Michael Hinckley, Daniel Jacobs, Barry Johnston, Lindsay Lacewell Kessner, Rita Komsky, MAIDEN, Josh Mannis, Danielle McCullough, Davida Nemeroff, Hae-Sung Pak, Patricia Pickett, Jesus Quiroz, Andrea Searles, Lily Simonson, AND MORE…arveyHarve



In addition to the wall-mounted works, a sculpture by participating artist Neal Bashor will be on view outside the gallery.


Curator’s Statement:

"The real question is not whether the touch of a woodpecker's beak does in fact cure toothache. It is rather whether there is a point of view from which a woodpecker's beak and a man's tooth can be seen as 'going together' (the use of this congruity for therapeutic purposes only one of its possible uses), and whether some initial order can be introduced into the universe by means of these groupings."  

-Claude Lévi-Strauss, The Savage Mind (p9)


  • THE SNOWMAN'S MELTING TEETH attempts to dissolve artificially- imposed boundaries, questioning our collective assumptions about the nature of our categories: SICK/ WELL, STUDENT/ PROFESSIONAL , ABSTRACT/ REPRESENTATIONAL, INSIDE/ OUTSIDE, OBSERVER/ OBSERVED.  


  • The title of the exhibition, taken from the name of Carlos Arredondo’s submission to the show, resulted through conversation between he and the curator.


  • We pose the question “As greater visibility affords a group fuller access to the fruits and challenges of the dominant societal context, at what point does the group cease to be viewed through the lens of minority?  When does integration succeed in making the Visible once again Invisible? When do our similarities supersede our differences?”


Deploying strategies of clustering and abuttal, the Deneff Gallery brings together a diversity of skills and practices in the 30+ artists shown herein. Each artist, supplied with a colored panel of matting board, has altered and affected it as s/he sees fit.  The results are gathered closely together…  On a single wall 30+ pieces hang in concert.  Filtered through the suppositions and formal prejudices of the curator and Aunt Chance, the arrangement evokes [perhaps] a swarming of bees, an eruption of light on water, a blossoming of fractals.  We are here to be judged and enjoyed- not based on what conditions apply to our individual circumstances, but on what we ourselves have chosen to make with them.

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