Destination Unknown

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Two Sisters, One Heart, 2008 Oil On Wood 12 X 16 Inches © Sarah Joncas
Little Dalia, 2008 © Angelina Wrona
We Will Fold & Freeze Together Far Away From Here, 2009 Oil On Panel © Patrick Fatica
Destination Unknown
Curated by: Distinction Gallery

317 E Grand Ave
Escondido, CA 92025
November 8th, 2008 - December 6th, 2008
Opening: November 8th, 2008 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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Tues - Fri 10-6, Sat 12 - 5
Distinction Gallery
mixed-media, photography, graffiti/street-art, pop, surrealism, figurative, sculpture


Distinction Gallery Presents:


"Destination Unknown"


A rare three-artist event featuring works by Sarah Joncas, Angelina Wrona and Patrick Fatica that runs from November 8th - December 6th.


Distinction Gallery continues its grand tradition of exposing the most unique talents to the Southern California region by featuring a tri-artist artist showing entitled, "Destination Unknown". The two Canadians and Floridian share a common theme of expressing the feminine form in a pop surrealist setting, but are separated by varying styles and techniques. All three of the artists will be attending the opening reception on Saturday, November 8th from 6-11 PM and will be on hand to answer questions and discuss their work. Wine and live music will be provided so we hope you will join us in celebrating this exceptional three-artist showing.


The entire "Destination Unknown" exhibition will be available for viewing through Saturday, December 6th. Distinction Gallery will also be featuring the "Sub 1K" Gallery with works priced for less than $1000 featuring renowned artists from around the world. "The Alley" will show an additional 30+ artists. All in addition to the 14 artist studios featuring 16 local artists that are always open to the public. Also, please feel free browse our new collection of art books and toys we have for purchase and don't hesitate to inquire about Distinction's custom framing services.


The Artists:


Sarah Joncas is a twenty one year old art student from Niagara Falls, Canada. Although born in Hamilton, she considers Niagara Falls her home. She is currently finishing up a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Ontario College of Art and Design. While certainly qualifying as an 'up and coming artist', Sarah already displays a distinct, unique style that performs well with the motivations, themes and language of her art that have been recognized by numerous awards and consistent showings since 2004. Many of her paintings are striking and bold in their use of color, while maintaining darker, more shadowy hues. She challenges the negative space often with color reversals and omissions. This demonstrates not only her abilities as a painter, but also her talents to conceptually offer unexpected compositions and directions. As an artist, she addresses various moments and ideas through the inclusion of a solo-female figure that appears in most all of her works. Repeated inclusions of fish, tubes, plugs, roses, bubbles and other specific imagery denote a symbolism, known primarily to Joncas, that increases the sense of narrative. As Sarah Joncas grows, so does her alter-ego making her works take on a diary-like reflection of her own life as she evolves as an artist.


"The appearance of my work has been impacted by various sources that span both the high and low aspects of our culture, such as film, music, novels, art history, cartoons and more. Though at first look my paintings can seem very illustrative and whimsical, there exists a range of imbedded symbols and narratives that I include within each piece." - Sarah Joncas


Angelina Wrona resides in Herrickvile, Ontario with her husband and two daughters in a home built in the 17th century. It's in this historic setting that she creates her twisted fairy tale paintings. While originally starting on the artistic path of realist and folk art, her darker and more peculiar side started to form beneath the surface. She credits an eye-opening exposure to Juxtapoz Magazine that motivated her to explore a more pop surrealist direction. Fragile yet gloomy subjects started to play with surreal twists and ideas finding a blend between Japanese anime, folk art and representational styles. The doe-eyed anime influences are easy to spot, but it's her ability to weave aged, weathered and historic themes into her works that speaks directly to Wrona's personal method. Most of her female subjects stare directly at the viewer, with not-so-subtle hints that something is wrong. Color schemes are kept dark to accent the mood, but there is a softening and smoothing of the textures that belies the more sinister tones. The push and pull of the delicate against the dark is the working impression of Angelina Wrona's art.


"Dark, emotional, big eyed girls." - Angelina Wrona


Patrick Fatica is based out of Orlando, Fl. He attended Ringling School of Art and Design from 1990 to 1994. Not only a painter, he has also directed several plays and a short film. After the successful launch of a music club and bar (and stint as the house soundman), Fatica felt the call to renew his love of painting. He now works as freelance illustrator and graphic designer who specializes in his "figurative pop surreal portraits". Rather than overt symbolism, Patrick utilizes color and light to give his primarily female subjects their emotive concepts. It's through careful color choice and the expressions his subjects wear that he is able to create a range of feelings. His technique adds a unique gloss and sheen to his finished works as Fatica creates his paintings on hardboard with thin oil glazes, separated by layers of Crystal Clear (a transparent, spray on coating). The effect allows for a truly individual interplay of light and color hues unique to the works of Patrick Fatica.


"Over the last two years my color palette has changed from the very vibrant spectrum to a more subdued and subtle representation. The idea is for the viewer to read the title, such as: "Back in the Woods, Under Ashes, There is a Stone" or "Bright and Bubbly Terrible Thing that was Doing Her Thing" and relate it to the painting in order to create a visceral narrative and back story of the subject."

 - Patrick Fatica


"Destination Unknown" shows November 8th through December 6th.


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