The Mothership, In Our Details are the Maps of Existence

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© Courtesy of the Artist and DILETTANTE
The Mothership, In Our Details are the Maps of Existence

120 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles,, CA 90012
January 16th, 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

downtown/east la
10am - 5pm


Gather us together so we can offer up creations that speak from the source. We hold the light that leads growth and can best gather ideas to nurture whomever comes looking. In our details are the maps of existence, guides to human form, and our voices united display the song that allows it all to continue: Jacqueline Suskin

The Mothership is a vessel that guides and carries smaller vessels, usually for the purpose of inquiry and exploration. It is a concept, which has been used in the artwork of Carly Jo Morgan as a symbol of the collective conscience form, which we, as individuals, draw creativity and inspiration from. The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts, and as we take direction from the source, we weave a web that operates as a unifying force for all. The "Mother" represents a specific feminine, maternal, intuitive energy. On January 16th, The Mothership calls a group of female artists to come together and form a unique matrix. The ideas and insight that spring from this matrix bring us balance, strength, and renewal.

Artists: Lita Albuquerque / Gemma Bayly / Amanda Charchian / Diana Garcia / Dana Louise Kirkpatrick / Carly Jo Morgan / Fay Ray / Lila Roo / Alia Shawkat / Elena Stonaker / Jacqueline Suskin / Lola Rose Thompson / Jasmine Albuquerque

The Sacred Door is Carly Jo Morgan 
She is an artist, jeweler, curator, birth doula, and soon to be mother. Her aesthetic explores the trans-dimensional psychedelic realm via mythical landscapes, color, humor, and uplifting New Age symbolism.