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THESSE THREE: Anita Bunn, Kimi Kolba and Bianca Kolonusz-Partee
These Three artists evoke stillness that requires attention. Without hoopla, seduction or direction we are asked to wait. It is in the moment of waiting that we begin to realize the activity that slowly turns over the surface. The rustling of leaves, the humming of electricity, and the whirring of motors become the metaphors for our visceral experience. We are sensitized to subtleties within the work and the awareness of our presence with the work. We are engaged. These Three artists all graduated from Claremont Graduate University at the same time-sharing the same experience while developing their own focus and style of practice. Anita Bunn engages in photographing the tops of trees and the sky beyond. “I am drawn to the tangibility of these ripe, swollen forms and the gap, the tension that is created where the two objects meet. I seek out what is hidden, capturing the shifting nature of things, so that the familiar becomes new and unfamiliar.” Kimi Kolba who is also a photographer, seeks out alienated light fighting darkness. “I am intrigued by the idea of twilight, the sense that something has been displaced at that time of day. Photographing during the hours of twilight, I am more alone, more aware, and more estranged. My senses are heightened. Color and light are different – emitting hues and tonalities unattainable during the hours of daylight. Overlooked areas take on a stronger presence and are more pronounced.” Bianca Kolonuz-Partee does installations that are driven by the effects and refuse of the international commerce on the natural landscape. “I explore industrial landscapes that exist within the more complex and larger natural world. I create monumental landscapes that the viewer moves through in hopes that this simulation will allow the viewer to have their own experience of the contemporary world.” These Three is the inaugural exhibition for Project_210.
Comment by: Chuck Feesago on Tuesday 10/21/08 at 5:14 AM