The Unpainted Landscape

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Dreams Chunky 4, 2013 Mixed Media 215 X 122 X 32 Cm © Courtesy of the Artist and Mihai Nicodim Gallery
The Unpainted Landscape

571 South Anderson Street
Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA 90033
September 7th, 2013 - October 26th, 2013
Opening: September 7th, 2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

downtown/east la
Tue-Sat 11-6
landscape, mixed-media


Mihai Nicodim Gallery is pleased to present ‘The Unpainted Landscape’, a group exhibition featuring work by Olga Balema, Keltie Ferris, Jack Lavender and Hannah Lees.

Originally conceived in 1987 by the Scottish Arts Council in collaboration with Graeme Murray Gallery, ‘The Unpainted Landscape’, was a touring group exhibition held in various locations across Scotland.  Featuring some of Land Art’s seminal figures, ‘The Unpainted Landscape’ included artists such as Ian Hamilton Finlay, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Andy Goldsworthy, and David Tremlett.  The exhibition examined landscape as sculpture; rather than a representational pastoral, these artists opted for a more literal renegotiation and engagement with nature.  Moving boulders, tilling earth, burning, scraping and piling, the artists’ interventions with their natural, physical surroundings allowed viewers to figuratively see behind the artists as well as in front of them.

Transposing the tenants on which the 1987 exhibition was founded, Balema, Ferris, Lavender and Lees reinterpret a contemporary vision for our fractured conceptual ‘landscape’ that stretches across both agrarian and digital platforms.  In this re-telling of the exhibition’s namesake, the artists map a metaphysical landscape wherein, unlike their predecessors, the interventionist hand is removed.  A landscape is envisioned rather than mimicked or inhabited.  ‘The Unpainted Landscape’ presents painting as a variable plotter’s tool, the artists prospecting across the varied cultural, political and social potential of ‘landscape’ in its contemporary conception.    

Olga Balema (b. 1984, Ukraine) lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam.  Recent exhibitions includeWhat Enters, 1646, Den Haag, Netherlands (2013), Unstable Media, Gallery Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013) and Cast Recording, Prism Gallery, Los Angeles (2013).

Keltie Ferris (b. 1977, Louisville) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  Recent exhibitions have included On The Grid, Magus Gallery, New York (2013), a solo presentation at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York (2012) and Raw/Cooked: Ulrike Muller, Brooklyn Museum, New York (2012).

Jack Lavender (b. 1983, United Kingdom) lives and works in London.  Recent exhibitions have included Dreams Chunky, The Approach, London (2013), Paradise Garage, Eighty-One, London (2013) and a solo presentation at Independent, New York (2012).

Hannah Lees (b. 1983, United Kingdom) lives and works in London.  Recent exhibitions have includedChapter, Austin Forum, London (2013), Jack Lavender Dreams Chunky, The Approach, London, UK (sculpture collaboration with Jack Lavender)(2013) and The Fertile Crescent, Rod Barton gallery, London, UK (2012).