Leg Room

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Leg Room

1952 Clinton St.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
July 27th, 2013 - August 2nd, 2013
Opening: July 27th, 2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

silverlake/echo park
(562) 822-8564
digital, video-art, installation, conceptual


Closing: Friday, August 2, 2013 from 7-10pm

Projector Projects presents Leg Room, a show of 11 videos that interpret dance, movement, and choreography within a set of assigned structural restrictions for the artists.

Leg Room is a group dance. Each artist was asked to make a short, no longer than one minute video that used their own body, or other people’s bodies, to choreograph or improvise their own interpretation of dance. The artists made a diverse array of videos. They embraced, or fought with, the semi-rigid structure to their creative advantage, producing a group of exciting and distinct work. The curators, assuming the role of lead choreographers, then projected the videos in a way that conveys a sense of struggle for individual space amongst a group of individuals. Within this structure, dance can then be seen as liberating or as a strict enforcement of deliberate and predetermined instructions. Exploring a way that primal dance impulses may exist in 2013, Leg Room is about freedom, containment, and projectors.





Anita Bunn, Derric Eady, Jay Erker, Zach Kleyn, Jeff McElroy, Molly Shea, Juliana Snapper, Kirsten Stoltmann, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Andrew K. Thompson, Three



Projector Projects

1952 Clinton St.

Los Angeles, CA 90026

(562) 822-8564

also open by appointment