GodS Bless You

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GodS Bless You
Curated by: Lisa Ames

811 West Seventh Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
June 13th, 2013 - July 6th, 2013
Opening: June 13th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

downtown/east la


Yarek Godfrey will present eighteen oil on canvas paintings specifically created for the Fine Arts Building in Downtown Los Angeles. Exploring ideas of existence, purpose and survival the artist concludes:

"It’s only because of a single gigantic piece of rock sailing through the dark space and hitting earth 65 millions years ago that we had an opportunity to emerge as mammals and invade our planet. Despite our fragile make-up and weakness of character, we still somehow exist 2 million years later.

The dinosaurs ruled this planet for 150 million years but nature is neither compassionate nor empathetic. Much like a shark or tiger chasing their prey, feelings become afterthoughts when dealing in matters of survival. Are we predators or prey? Are we killers or victims?

All was natural in the beginning but as the first humans spread through the planet, conscience and pride created conflict. In order to find an excuse for their acts, people found the concept of god(s) and other “divine” forces which is comprehensive though non-existent. 

This doesn’t matter, as we know our weak spirit needs a special boost from he who resides as far away as possible but manifests his presence immediately in case of problems.

Voila, it’s very simple and smart. Now we can kill and torture with assurance that god(s) will forgive us... “Gott mit Uns,” “In God we trust,” “Inch’ Allah.”

When reading inscriptions on graves we have an impression that only good people die. This is so cool because in life we have to give as much as we can so that we do not allow death to take something. 

Love? Oh, yes...! So powerful is the feeling and a common emotion to humans and animals (same source…). “All we need is love”...remember?

I am alive and I do care about love and emotions. This balance is fragile between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and it’s always easier to destroy than to build. “We’re building too many walls and not enough bridges.” 

I’ve found a picture of a warning panel sign from Berlin:

Human nature... Angels or Devils?

Only art seems to escape and behave without limits. Paintings, like music can hardly be described with words. The only way to understand is to watch or listen, so please shut up.

The message has been and still is very simple: “WE ARE HERE, but, WHO ARE WE?...”

Stay, if inattentive – then emotional.

My favorites:

LUCA SIGNORELLI – for courage in Orvieto Chapel
GIOTTO DI BONDONE – for colored darkness
MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI- for his marbre challenge
ALBRECHT DURER – for how to make impossible, possible
CARRAVAGIO – for deep and intense life
EGON SCHIELE – for passion of woman
GUSTAV KLIMT – for poetry in art
JEAN DELVILLE – for vision of Universe
GUSTAVE MOREAU – for the same reason

I’m jealous of:

HENRI MATISSE – because of his way of flying with art
PIERRE BONNARD – because of his butterfly fragility
GERARD SCHNEIDER – because of courage and non-concession
MARIAN KASPERCZYK – because of his abstract philosophy
DEES – because he is the best

Me, I am alive, “I’M HERE”
Just remember: “MEMENTO MORI” and “NIL OMNE”

-Yarek Godfrey 

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