Three-Person Group Show: Sukran Han, Nicholas Coroneos & Otto Youngers

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Three-Person Group Show: Sukran Han, Nicholas Coroneos & Otto Youngers
Curated by: Lydia Takeshita

650 A South Avenue 21
Los Angeles, CA 90031
June 1st, 2013 - June 30th, 2013
Opening: June 2nd, 2013 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

downtown/east la
Thu-Sun 12-4; by appointment on Wednesday
mixed-media, pop, landscape, surrealism, figurative, modern, traditional, sculpture














June 1 – 30TH, 2013

Reception – Sunday June 2nd,

1pm – 3pm – Union Center

LA Artcore Brewery Annex



LOS ANGELES, CA (March 15th, 2013) LA Artcore presents a three-artist exhibit featuring work in a variety of mediums.  The choices in texture, material and working method will stimulate a feeling of excitement over the different avenues of creativity, and the many options at our disposal, from everyday materials to more technical process-oriented work.


Sukran Han is a painter who set out from the beginning to visually describe the relationship between human beings and passing time.  From the start, she had a clear idea of what she hoped to understand better with her creative pursuit, and the first symbols that came to mind were trees, images of the various generations of family, and the sun passing overhead.  While observing trees for this purpose, her attention began to be drawn to the play of light among the canopy of leaves. There was a shifting, shimmering quality to time that her static family images couldn’t quite relate. Gradually, her paintings shifted to totally abstract compositions of translucent shadows, with rays, spots and streaks of light. She regards this transformation as a way in which nature taught her how to better understand a difficult subject, while also fulfilling the goal of achieving an expression of beauty and connectedness to the world. 


Nicholas Coroneos works in a variety of mediums, including tongue-in-cheek bronze sculptures using a mixture of techniques, from assemblage to casting bronze through waxwork and other raw materials, and different metal texturing techniques.  Working in a bronze foundry near Santa Barbara, his pieces were created alongside work for a variety of artists, and represent a certain spontaneous use of his immediate environment to express his ideas.  Inspired by the Neo-Dada movement, the central theme in his work involves being a provocateur.  He has a very specific objective of creating, in each piece, a platform for challenging ideas and pre-conceptions that impact modern life.  These often socially or politically charged images are not without humor, and he has built a body of formally elegant and plain commentaries on religion, consumption, and war.


Otto Youngers has a recognizable, almost gestural approach to sculpting in wood, creating work that is playful exaggeration and sharp social critique all at once.  Inspired while working in a warehouse setting by the ample supply of palette and shipping crate woods, he developed a vocabulary of components made with loose, iconic lines.  An installation made of strung up oversized bones, guns, skulls and animal parts which might otherwise be gruesome, have been softened by sandpaper and rasp into a playful, toy-like array.  It is a fitting way to face the darker aspects of human behavior, offering bright, spontaneous shapes that recall the games of children.  It is a well documented aspect of much contemporary art, this finding of a way to approach all the most difficult elements of society. Otto delivers hard news with levity, sharp symbols softened around the edges by the homey feeling of a garage woodshop.


Artist Reception:

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

1pm – 3pm

Conversation with the artist: 4pm


LA Artcore Brewery Annex

650A S. Ave. 21 / Los Angeles, CA 90031

Gallery hours: 12-4pm, Thu-Sun.



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