Indeterminate Lines and Arcs

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Three Indeterminate Lines, 2007 Rolled Steel 102" (H) X 120" (W) X 156" (D) © Courtesy of the Artist and Ace Gallery- Los Angeles
Rolled Steel © Courtesy of the Artist and Ace Gallery- Los Angeles
Indeterminate Lines and Arcs

5514 Wilshire Blvd.
90036 Los Angeles

July 20th, 2013 - September 27th, 2014
Opening: July 20th, 2013 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Tues-Sat 10-6


“My works are often the result of an unexpected event. The impression of precarious equilibrium that this sculpture evokes is in fact the result of a group of arcs’ accidental slippage.” 


– Bernar Venet


The revelation of the processes of production in the work of art is clearly the governing principle behind the series  Indeterminate Lines that made their appearance in Bernar Venet’s work from 1979. “Indeterminate” because they are diametrically opposed to the mathematical determination of their predecessors.  More vague and less tangible, they cannot be reduced to an equation: they nevertheless seek a form of physical certainty strong enough to silent the confusion of meanings and to demonstrate explicitly that their one truth and reality is that of a piece of work.  The obvious geometrical forms of previous pieces are here replaced by the direct manipulation of a raw material.


Venet’s daily working process is a sort of satisfying game of natural constraints between his artistic intentions and the material itself.  Each orients the other and is oriented in its turn. The artist proposes directions but at the same time he’s directed by the steel bar that resists. In this fascinating subtle game of concessions, the artist must leave its autonomy at the helm. The esthetical result is a compelling testimony to the act of forming and to the inherent possibilities of the material. 



*Opening Concurrently at Ace Gallery Los Angeles & Beverly Hills
Saturday July 20, 2013
Beverly Hills 6:00 Pm - 8:00 PM
Los Angeles 8:00 Pm - 10:00 PM