Manifestations of the Mystique

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Untitled Watercolor On Paper 8" X 10" © Courtesy of the artist & Aakriti Art Gallery
Manifestations of the Mystique

Orbit Enclave, First Floor 12/3A, Picasso Bithi(Hungerford Street)
700 017 Kolkata
May 6th, 2013 - May 31st, 2013

+91 33 22893027
Mon-Sat 11-7


The present show revisits a historical moment in art history with the works of four great acclaimed Masters of Indian art: Nandalal Bose, Jamini Roy, Gopal Ghosh, and Gobardhan Ash and also makes an attempt to question a number of just stated such ‘little tested assumptions’ at a time when more mass culture has spawned its spurious harmonies. As debased modernism retreats more and more into deviance and dissonance, Aakriti Art Gallery feels the need to raise the most searching questions in these rare works of the Masters that produced our finest visual text- the collages of Nandalal Bose, sketches and paintings of Jamini Roy, Gopal Ghosh and Gobardhan Ash. The exhibition titled ‘Manifestations of the Mystique’ showcases works that  scrutinize the living art that speak from the depths of the soul and reaches out to us to a world of infinitely rich theatre of their soul; weave and re- weave a potent spell for all of who dare to share in the drama, a melody that lingers.

The mystique is put across both by suggestions and by palpable descriptions. Eventually we fuse all this knowledge to such moments in history to the present, traditions within the contemporary, change within permanence.

The sketches, collages possess the character of revelation with an integral form; doodles done with a visionary splendor and turn out to be vivid form of metaphysical text.

The drawings here increasingly possess a lushness of lines, a perfectly studied scale and a painterly ease that suggests a rare coordination of discipline and ease. In Nanadalal’s collages the compulsiveness of the little gesture out of which they are made lends them a private, even hermetic character, where he repeatedly proclaims the neutrality and emptiness. Here the elements, images and events are of significance in the outer world and transformed so that they correspond to the mood, the motif, and the aesthetic of a work of art. These four Masters measure sensibility by these norm and sketched expressively in joyous and lyrical relationship to nature and life. Their poise is remarkable, what this eminent group here accomplishes is a discreet, satisfying mélange, each of whom is confident and possesses a sprightly distinctive approach. The creativity of these Masters that shaped our art in India a few decades back reinforces once more the belief that it is a mean of disciplining the limitless freedom of the human mind.  The accounts and language that the participants offer, make for a lively diversity of angles and satisfying narrative styles and thus becomes a rare visual experience revealing pursuits that partly reveal their intense characters as well. In any event, the effort is to bring in a greater number of variables – and establish a different take on getting back to basics.