Disrupted Nature

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Imagine...The Possible Island / Imagina...La isla possible, 2007 Plywood, Soil, Plastic Wheels, Clay Stone, And Artificial Plants And Flowers © Gift of the artist M.2012.031
Disrupted Nature

628 Alamitos Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90802
May 25th, 2013 - December 1st, 2013
Opening: May 25th, 2013 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

long beach
Wed,Fri,Sat,Sun 11-5 ; Thur 11-9
landscape, sculpture, photography


This exhibition, comprised of works of art from MOLAA’s Collection, explores issues related to nature including the way artists depict its wild beauty and changing state. Some of the works selected also comment on the effects of human intervention on it.

The theme of nature practically disappeared from the history of art with the arrival of the modern period which focused on subjects related to progress and advancement. However, postmodernity, at the end of the 1960s, brought back the need to address nature and merge social issues with ecological concerns as seen in the works of land art artists such as Alan Sonfist, Robert Smithson and Richard Long, among others. Landscape and nature have always been important themes in Latin American art, especially because of the contrast between the vast natural resources and the great modern metropolises in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.

Disrupted Nature opens with an introduction to the different ways that nature and landscapes have been depicted by artists; from traditional paintings such as the work of Francisco Toledo and Judith Gutiérrez to photographs and media art. Other sections address topics such as industrial vs. natural surroundings with the work of Lucía Madriz and Florence Vaisberg, nature and living conditions with photographs by Atelier Morales and Ingrid Hernández and exploitation of the environment and its resources with pieces by Verónica Riedel and Pedro Reyes. The works in the exhibition also explore social issues related to the desolation and damage of the ecosystem, the use of organic vs. industrial or artificial materials, as well as the poetic effects of time and human intervention on both the urban and natural landscape.

The exhibition includes several recent acquisitions to our Collection with works by artists such as Alberto Baraya and Florencio Gelabert, who use artificial plants to comment on postcolonial issues and ecology; while pieces by Patrick Hamilton and Lucía Madriz Segura comment on the relationship between man and nature.

Artists in the exhibition:
Atelier Morales (Cuba, Teresa Ayuso, b. 1961; and Juan Luis Morales, b. 1960)
Alberto Baraya (Colombia, b. 1968)
Henry Bermúdez (Venezuela, b. 1951)
Claudio Castillo (Cuba, b. 1958)
Miguel Fernández (Mexico, b. 1986)
Florencio Gelabert (Cuba, b. 1961)
Judith Gutiérrez (Ecuador, 1927 - 2003)
Patrick Hamilton (Chile, b. 1974)
Ingrid Hernández (Mexico, b. 1974)
Walterio Iraheta (El Salvador, b. 1968)
Lucía Madriz Segura (Costa Rica, b. 1973)
Pedro Reyes (Mexico, b. 1972)
Verónica Riedel (Guatemala, b. 1961)
Francisco Toledo (Mexico, b. 1940)
Florence Vaisberg (Argentina, b. 1979)