Choice Cuts: New Sculptural Works

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Anatomical Barbie, 2012 Vinyl, Epoxy Clay, Wire, Wood, Acrylic 12.25 Inches Tall © Courtesy of the Artist and 101/exhibit
Hello Kitty Dissected, 2012 Vinyl, Polyurethane, Epoxy Clay, Wood, Brass, Acryl 9.5 Inches Tall © Courtesy of the Artist and 101/exhibit
Choice Cuts: New Sculptural Works

8920 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
March 16th, 2013 - April 6th, 2013

west hollywood/b.h.
Tuesday through Saturday


101/exhibit Los Angeles presents “Choice Cuts: New Sculptural Works” (March 16 - April 6) by NY toy designer and sculptor Jason Freeny. Inspired by Pop art, Jason Freeny exposes the inner workings of your favorite toys. No toy is safe from his steady knife. Jason deconstructs, sculpts and meticulously brings his subjects back to anatomical health with playful precision. “Choice Cuts” featuring Jason Freeny’s Pop inspired sculptures and limited edition poster opens to the public Saturday, March 16 from 7—10 pm. The exhibition continues through April 6, 2013.

New York toy sculptor and designer Jason Freeny was awarded Clutter Magazine’s Break Through Artist of the Year in 2011 for his tireless collection of pop-culture toys. In 2012, Jason introduced the Brain Cube, a 3-dimensional puzzle game in the Rubik’s-style puzzle cube. Brain Cube is played by twisting the fleshy colored, squishy feeling cube around and around until you line up the folds of the brain on all six sides. Inventive, creepy cool. Jason Freeny is a deep thinker and reimagines everything from mundane household items to iconic toys. Jason describes, “I’m driven by the discovery of the interesting and grotesque skeletal systems that these characters produce. I work in what I consider a “reverse forensics.” I take cues from the exterior forms of the characters that dictates what the inner anatomy would look like. In a way, I’m liberating whats already inside. I like the anatomy to have a similar “toy like” feel as the exterior, colored in the same cartoonish fashion as the plastic toy.”

“Choice Cuts: New Sculptural Works” by Jason Freeny is the premiere exhibition and first public display of his work shared with the public at 101/exhibit in Los Angeles. Jason shares, “I wanted to present some of my personal favorite characters from my childhood as well as a few of my own twisted creations. I want the viewer to feel transformed back into their youth, but this time as if mom spiked their juice-box.” 

101/exhibit presents “Choice Cuts” by Jason Freeny opens Saturday, March 16 at 7PM and exhibits through April 6, 2013.