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Entrar, 2013 Oil And Flashe On Masonite 48 X 36 Inches © Courtesy of the Artist and Thomas Solomon Gallery

427 Bernard Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
March 16th, 2013 - April 20th, 2013

12-6pm Wednesday to Saturday


Thomas Solomon Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Brad Eberhard’s recent paintings entitled (dis-solve)This is the artists fourth solo exhibition with the gallery.  In this transitive body of work, Eberhard reveals a development that straddles the divide between abstraction and figuration.  Pictured in these works are images that intimate states of immersion.  In two distinct streams of imagery, figures are shown descending into the sea and into the earth.  We see SCUBA divers and cave explorers.

The inherent themes of adventure and submersion related to these two activities are also reflective of the course in which the artist has taken in this new body of work.   As the title for the show suggests, Eberhard ventures into territories that highlight the transient space between two things.  Whether it is the difference between existing inside or outside, the relationship between figure and ground, or formation and dissolution, each painting affirms a paradox that supports the idea of transition, both literally and metaphorically.

Through a process that involves both a layering and removal of paint, the surface of each piece contains a mingling of spatial and figural events.   Upon initial recognition of the figure(s) in each piece, we instinctually construct the appropriate environment to house their predicated action.  These expectations fluidly shift, however, from representation into indefinite realms of color and form, rapidly reconfiguring our sense of place within the painting.

Artist, subject, and viewer travel into opulent and unknown worlds, narratives emerge, and associations with myth and art history abound.  From behind masks, divers meet our gaze and it is as if we as viewers are also in line, behind the procession marching into the caves… into the paintings.

“Life should be full of strangeness.  Like a rich painting”

How I wrote “Elastic Man”, The Fall