20th Anniversary Exhibition

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© Courtesy of Thomas Masters Gallery
Thomas Masters, 2013 Oil On Canvas © Courtesy of the artist and Thomas Masters Gallery
20th Anniversary Exhibition

245 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL 60610
March 15th, 2013 - March 31st, 2013
Opening: March 15th, 2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

River North/Near North Side
Wed-Fri 12-6; Sat 11-6; Sun 12-5; Monday closed; Tues - by appointment


We would like to invite you to join us for a special group show celebrating Thomas Masters Gallery: 20 years. 

Many of our artists are preparing special works for the event. In addition, several new Artists works will be unveiled on this special evening.

The dancers from Subconscious Development Motion Project (SDMP) will also perform.

Living with art every day is the best part of being an art dealer. I enjoy being surrounded by its mysterious power, its potential to communicate, and when very good, its ability to change the way people think about and see the world. Living with art can enhance the connection to culture enormously.

We live in a time now in which there are myriad ways to view, experi- ence, select and acquire art. Still, the gallery remains an enduring entity in this process. The intimacy of the “viewing room”, as Alfred Stigletz described his own progressive space, creates unique connections - the dealer is a kind of caretaker who must convey understanding of the artist’s work to the collector, hopefully creating a bridge to the artist’s vision. Day after day, and over again, this repeated process forges strong relationships. It is in the gallery space where the closest bonds between the three players are formed. This environment has no equal.

Having a gallery is not really like having a job, or even a career; it is a lifestyle, and a very good one. Having a gallery for 20 years at once is and isn’t a long time. It is, when one thinks back to 1993 when young parents just beginning their collections visited the gallery on weekends with children in strollers; now those children are away at college. It’s a long time when I realize that the gallery’s youngest, most promising artist today was just five when the gallery opened. It isn’t such a long time when one considers the longevity and accomplishments of other dealers in this city who have been in business 30 and 40 years and have built national and international reputations.

I started as a “grass roots” gallery. I really did not know anyone in art world, and I had a very small amount of money and no one standing behind me if I failed. In the beginning it was one day at a time, then one month at a time. It was one new Artist at a time, and one collector at a time. We enthusiastically engaged each person who came through the door. Over time, the number of collectors grew; helping each one devel- op their collection has been, and still is, one of my greatest pleasures.

Longevity has benefits, but 20 years in business can make one feel a lit- tle old and certainly a little tired. It is also an opportunity to stop and reflect for a moment. For me, 20 years at the gallery means I have been successful as well as passionate, and I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I’m most grateful for the enduring legacy created by the artists, collectors, friends and supporters who have made it all possible. -Thomas Masters