Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors

6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
March 8th, 2013 - March 10th, 2013

Wed-Sun 12-6


LACE is pleased to host acclaimed New York-based street and stencil art visionary Logan Hicks for Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors, a new solo showing of his work.  Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors will debut to the public on March 8, 2013 and run through March 10, 2013, and marks a triumphant return for an artist whose works have been shown in Auckland, Cape Town, Shanghai, Taipei, and just about everywhere in between.

Originally a professional screen printer, Hicks’ work has gained considerable global recognition for its exploration of the urban environment and its ability to capture the sometimes-mundane cycle of city life in a haunting, yet highly refined, manner using hand-sprayed stencils.  His new body of work has evolved. The paintings have moved inside: from endless streets of colorful building facades up to six feet in scale to more intimate interior settings; from exterior cityscapes to the interiors of various buildings; and from distant lights to the direct gaze of figures who are in the process of walking away or climbing up stairs; shapes and curves of emotionless figures juxtaposed against the rigid linework of architecture bring attention to the contradictions of the city. More at

Logan Hicks is managed by Pat Magnarella and Roger Klein at Pat Magnarella Management Inc. in Encinitas, California.   

Logan Hicks is a New York-based artist.  Stenciling started as a substitution for screen-printing, but quickly morphed into Logan’s medium of choice. An ideal union was formed through these stencils: the dirty and gritty nature of spray paint showcasing the decay of the city, while the muted shine of metallic paint mirrored the faint glimmer of hope within it. It is this symbiotic relationship with the city that fuels Logan’s work.  Having mastered the technique, Hicks has learned new language, and has been refining what it is that he is saying, and he uses whatever medium or approach is necessary to bring the ideas in his head to the canvas, and his newer paintings are native to his lexicon.  Making art is an internal struggle more than it is a physical one.  A complete list of his exhibitions can be found below.

Pat Magnarella, a highly respected music manager along with Roger Klein, a former major record label Artists & Repertoire person, conceived of a “disruptive art business model” in which they neither strived to be “agents” or gallerists but instead to insure that their clients would be protected, nurtured, marketed and most of all branded internationally.  Magnarella was quoted in the Telegraph saying, “We aren’t interested in just having the art world knowing about our artists…we want the whole world to know about them.”  Their clients include urban artist Logan Hicks, who will have a “pop-up” gallery show in Los Angeles in March 2013, Chris Levine, whose iconic portrait of the Queen currently hangs in Buckingham Palace, Richie Culver, whose art was just named by GQ Magazine as “ONE OF THE 100 BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD TODAY,” and English fine artist Charming Baker, whose “pop-up” gallery show in London last year generated over $4 million in sales on opening night.  Magnarella and Klein have been interviewed by the BBC, SkyNews, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, GQ Magazine, Elle, W and more.