World Festival of Sacred Music presents: Los Angeles Electric 8

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World Festival of Sacred Music presents: Los Angeles Electric 8

145 N. Raymond Ave.
91103 Pasadena

September 21st, 2008 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Gallery Hours: 12 - 5 pm (Closed Tuesdays)



On hearing Italian virtuoso Mauro Giuliani play, Beethoven exclaimed, "The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself!" What might Beethoven have said had he heard Jimi Hendrix? Would he have balked when Dylan went electric? And what would he make of eight electric guitars playing at once?
The Los Angeles Electric 8 is a group of eight guitarists who bring the electric guitar to a chamber ensemble, channeling their classical backgrounds into an instrument usually reserved for rock. They rectify the electric guitar's absence in classical music, revealing the instrument's enormous potential in the world of art music. Performers include; Philip Graulty, Chelsea Green, Ben Harbert, Brandon Mayer, Andy Nathan, Marc Nimoy, Felix Salazar, and John Paul Trotter. All performers play the electric guitar.
The Los Angeles Electric 8 presents, in conjunction with The World Festival of Sacred Music, an evening of sacred music recast from their original instrumentations in a contemporary voice. The re-contextualization of each piece via electric guitar will provide the listener with a fresh perspective on sacred music from both Western and Eastern traditions.
This performance will take place at the Armory Center for the Arts at 145 North Raymond Avenue in Pasadena on Sunday, September 21st at 7p.m. $15 general admission. $10 seniors and students. Armory Members free. For advanced reservations call 626.792.5101 x 116. Tickets are also available at the door.

The Armory is easily accessible from the Gold Line Memorial Park Station in Pasadena.  For information about Armory exhibitions and events, the public may call 626.792.5101 x122 or visit the Armory website at