TRANSformation: Nature Decoded

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TRANSformation: Nature Decoded

3740 W. Sunset Blvd.
2nd Floor
Los Angeles 90026
April 21st, 2007 - June 22nd, 2007
Opening: May 5th, 2007 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

(323) 668-0734


S B LONDON is pleased to announce the opening of “TRANSformation: Nature Decoded” on April 21, from 6 to 10 pm. We are excited to unveil these latest works which continue our dialogue with “nature as data.” 18 light boxes illuminate a microscopic leaf pattern piece by piece. Organized as a mosaic, the light boxes each contain a bit of the microscopic leaf pattern, working together to convey a larger tapestry, and thereby invoking further study and reflection.


“We have taken pictures of the brain thinking, and this is what they look like,” remarked a Cal-Tech Neuroscientist after seeing this microscopic leaf pattern. S B LONDON’s projects make links between seemingly disparate elements. This project is the product of investigating microscopic and macroscopic natural patterns while experimenting with poetry, materials, and graphics.

“Balancing opposites, a sense of calm takes hold.

 Resonating with links to the solar system, nature, and the body, the calmness deepens.

 Echoing quietly into the idea that we are essentially of the same thing, and a part of each other,

 the calmness lingers.”


Also still on view is “ESCALATion: The Birth of an Object” and “RESISTance: Prints of Microscopic Patterns.” The second installment in a series, “ESCALATion” develops forms found in “RESISTance” into cement sculptures. These works are a fusion of contrary forces: the microscopic is magnified, the hidden is revealed, the interior is reversed to the exterior, and the background becomes foreground.


S B LONDON is a showroom of industrial art, showcasing TECHNOcraft objects that inform, inspire, and relieve. Simple yet complex forms are created by studying, controlling, and abstracting nature’s geometry. TECHNOcraft is the practice of exposing hidden information and information that is not commonly seen in order to expose the delicate relationship between nature and technology. This ecosystem needs attention, as does: “TRANSformation: Nature Decoded.”


The light boxes are accompanied by shirts and note cards that contain the same soothing patterns.