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February 16th, 2013 - March 16th, 2013
Opening: February 16th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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February 16, 2012 – March 16, 2013

AndrewShire Gallery


(Los Angeles, California) December  26, 2012 – Andrew Shire Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibit of Eun Nim Ro opening February 16th, 2013.  Known as one of Korea’s leading contemporary artists, Ro’s work is highly reflective of her complex international background.  Her paintings cultivate qualities that embody the German Neue Wilde rediscovery of Fauvism and Expressionism, as well as the folk traditions of her native Korean heritage. 


Born in Chonju, Korea, Ro moved to West Germany as a young artist immediately after the Second World War, to study and ultimately to live and work in Hamburg.  Trained both in nursing as well as the arts, Ro’s work reflects a deep appreciation of “Art Brut” - the art of children and the institutionalized. 


Ro’s exhibition at AndrewShire leans towards a more abstract pictoriality.  In his essay for the exhibition catalogue writer Peter Frank states, “Ro’s work brims with a primal, irresistible almost frightening joy and directness.  But its formal qualities betray her highly discerning eye and deliberate hand.”


Ro’s images are derived from her imagination rather than reality.  Such images are described by Frank as “fanciful spaces filled with indescribable or highly stylized, yet vital beings. Some of these creatures convey forceful simplicity, like traditional calligraphic markings, absent of color and given a contemporary edge. Others teem and engulf the picture plane with their proliferation, not to mention their luscious palette.” Such qualities of her work reflect the same childlike characteristics evident in the work of Paul Klee, Picasso and post-surrealist gestural painting, classifying her not as neo-expressionist but as neo-CoBrA.


The cultivation of eastern qualities in Ro’s art is highly respected in her native Korea.  Her work often reveals the deep rooted eastern calligraphic tradition of her homeland, and in this tradition, Ro often uses poetry to clarify the spirit and impulse driving her art. 


In is a spirit of play, Frank writes, Ro exhibits an impulse to mischief that manifests most clearly and emphatically in her effervescent apparitions and evocative objects. Her art doesn’t simply ask us, but prompts us, to lighten our grasp on life – and thereby to relish it that much more.


AndrewShire Gallery, is dedicated to the development and exhibition of innovative, contemporary art works by international and local talents.  In addition to the Los Angeles location, the gallery established an alternative space in Singapore in 2006.  AndrewShire continues to push the international envelope while remaining an integral part of the local community.  The gallery is located at 3850 Wilshire Boulevard #107, Los Angeles, CA  90010.  AndrewShire Gallery, Singapore, is located at 63 Hillview Avenue #10-13, Lamb soon Building, Singapore, 669569.

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