Floating Heads and Time Collector

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Floating Head_2 (aka Old Lady) , 2013 Porcelain, Mild Steel, Pine, Plastic, Paper, Lime, Gum And Aluminum 63 X 16 X 11 Inches © Courtesy of the Artist and Redling Fine Art
Psych_UP Animation, 2006- Hd Video. Still # 32490 © Courtesy of the Artist and Redling Fine Art
Floating Head_3 (aka REGULATOR) (detail) , 2013 Porcelain, Mild Steel, Paper, Correction Fluid, Pine, Human Hair, Black Plastic Bag, Sterling Silver, Gum, Black Nylon, Cotton, Tape And Aluminum 82 X 17 X 22 Inches © Courtesy of the Artist and Redling Fine Art
Psych_UP Animation , 2006 Hd Video Currently At 19:05 Min, Edition Of 4 © Courtesy of the Artist and Redling Fine Art
Floating Heads and Time Collector

6757 Santa Monica Blvd.
90038 Los Angeles
January 11th, 2013 - February 23rd, 2013
Opening: January 11th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

santa monica/venice
Wed-Sat 11-6
stop-motion animation, video-art


It’s hard to pick a starting point when discussing a practice that depends as much on idiosyncratic hierarchies as letting things stay where they are or where they are supposed to be or their home base.

There is an economy to JJ PEET’s library of possible materials.  Each item is cautiously plucked from the flow of globalized production and distribution.  These are the bits of things, the barely noticeable things, a broken off part of this and only a bit of that.  Every object and every image has a history, a way that it has entered into being and a politic to how it moves throughout the world.  Scale has no affect on this.  These kernels can be purposeful (bits, mementos, keys referencing specific events) or accidental (sculpture over cuts, maintenance debris, leftovers from the day’s meal) but each one is segregated, examined and re-imbued with meaning, context and history.

These objects take on supporting rolls in PEET’s video work. Injected throughout, these  kernels occupy snippets of stop-motion animation. Some come to life and immediately  get to work: they move, shake or turn. Others stay still and mark time through entropy:  they dry, decay and rot. 

Back to home base. From these objects PEET also assembles his Floating Heads,  collaging his kernels together to create clusters of ideas with varied meanings but  repeating signifiers. There is always a brain and many times eyes. There are tensions,  personalities and political positions. 

We will be showing a collection of these Floating Heads as well as Psych_UP Animation (2006- ). Culled from his other videos, Psych_UP is PEET’s archive and dumping  ground. Comprised of every stop-motion image that he’s ever completed (currently at  34,343), including not only the object-based animations but also thousands of whiteboard  drawings. It’s an interesting way of looking at a body of work, by excising and stacking  the images back to back. Although the video is extended each time PEET shoots new  footage, it is also always finished, a simple presentation of every frame of animation that  PEET has shot. 

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