recent digital / painting hybrids

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recent digital / painting hybrids

Title Guarantee Building Public Art Space
411 West 5th Street
Downtown Los Angeles , CA 90013
August 14th, 2008 - August 31st, 2008

downtown/east la
(213) 626-2854



Michael Salerno

recent digital / painting hybrids

curated by 
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art 

August 10 - 31, 2008
Reception: Thursday, August 14th 7 - 9 pm

Phantom Galleries L.A.
Title Guarantee Building Lofts
24 / 7 Window Gallery
411 W 5th Street Los Angeles CA 90013
Pershing Square • NW Corner of Hill and Fifth
Gallery hours: open 24 hours daily
The textures and colors of Salerno's pieces present countless layers of tiny, infinite universes in which viewers can get lost. Both abstract and sometimes hauntingly real, the pieces welcome philosophical thought as well as walking meditation and a chance to merely space out. Whatever is read between the lines is for the beholder to discover - a full spectrum of what can be imagined.

Over the last 25 years Michael Salerno has established himself as a Los Angeles mainstay with his complex abstracts made of countless colorful marks and swirls of paint. Phantom Galleries L.A. is excited to present new work in the digital realm. By reinterpreting his painting style through his custom "recipe" of software processes, his exploration of line, texture, form, shape and color continues in directions made possible by computer technology.

The resultant effect of an infinity of marks and colors, simultaneously random and painstakingly precise, evokes light and space - both the macro and micro in terms of subatomic or astronomical and all scales in between. Salerno's recent work is a striking hybrid of traditional painting techniques and digital transformation.

part of
August 14-16 2008
an international new media art expo
Downtown this August: new media exhibits by select area galleries, theaters and venues in Gallery Row. Many venues will host screenings and exhibits for major out of area institutions. Video installations, circuit bender street music, street projections, video screenings, a plethora of tables promoting art friendly magazines, newspapers, the creative commons and all electronic frontiers. Organized by Rex Bruce.
Thursday noon-9pm, Friday noon-5pm, Saturday noon-5pm
Participants and Partners
Pompidou Centre | Forum des Images :: UCR | California Museum of Photography :: Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Danzig, Poland :: Los Angeles Center for Digital Art | LACDA :: Howard Fox, Curator of Contemporary Art, LACMA :: Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles :: SIGGRAPH :: Austin Museum of Digital Art :: Niche.LA Video Art :: Found Gallery L.A. :: Phantom Galleries L.A. :: Creative Commons :: SAC Gallery :: Pharmaka Gallery :: Edgar Varela Fine Arts :: Rowan Gallery :: Dale Youngman Gallery :: El Nopal Press Gallery :: Bert Green Fine Art :: Crewest Gallery :: Sphinx Studio :: Yarger | Straus Contemporary :: Coagula Art Journal ::  Citizen L.A. :: :: Artillery Magazine :: It's Liquid Project, Italy :: compactspace ::  Phyllis Stein Art :: Russell Brown Gallery :: Regent Theatre :: Gilmore Associates :: Art Deadlines :: FLUX Business Communications