David Moen, Tony Mosca with Proteges

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David Moen, Tony Mosca with Proteges
Curated by: Lydia Takeshita

120 Judge John Aiso St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
September 1st, 2012 - September 29th, 2012

downtown/east la
Wed-Sun 12-5
mixed-media, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, figurative, modern, traditional







SEPTEMBER 1-29, 2012

LA Artcore at Union Center for the Arts

120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Reception: Sunday, September 9th, 2012, 3-5PM

Conversation with the Artist: 4PM



Origin of Protégé

French, from past participle of protéger to protect, from Middle French, from Latin protegere

First Known Use: 1787


pro·té·gé  (prt-zh, prt-zh)


1.) One whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person.


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LA Artcore announces a collaborative exhibition into the spaces between mature artists and those they have taken under their wing to fortify, nurture and develop their talents.

Featuring works in painting and drawing by both the young artists and their mentors, this exhibition takes us into the unfolding processes of development between an artist and their mentor as a stage where diverse methods and techniques in training occur. Both artists in this exhibition consistently reflect upon the rewards and challenges of good working relationships.

Los Angeles artist and instructor, David Moen has taught for over 40 years. His understudy, Natasha Shevchenko arrived by way of her family immigrating from the Ukraine. Moen and Shevchenko were introduced in all-ages ballroom dancing competition and eventually discovered a mutual interest to train in the arts together. Moen describes Shevchenko's curiosity, drive and composure as a rare thing "...for someone who is only 14 years old. Her intensive training in the ballroom dancing world has given her this maturity at an early age having worked so closely with adults, including her family." Over the last five years Moen has become awed by Shevchenko's inclinations towards abstraction in art. "Her sense of balance towards elements of abstract art are so natural you can't believe it." Their works will be shown alongside each other in this exhibition.

Los Angeles art Tony Mosca has been painting in L.A. since the early '70's. His daughter Mariana has been the benefactor to not only to a solid, ongoing and local arts education but to mentorship with Mosca, as he coaxes her dual passions of dancing and drawing into impressively realized studies of the figure that stands in dynamic contrast to Mosca's exuberantly abstract paintings.

This exhibition showcases an exploration of a timeless act of generosity that spans all disciplines and is a gesture of passing one's knowledge, abilities and experience to the next generation.


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LA Artcore helps develop the careers of visual artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, bringing innovative contemporary art to the public, and provides educational programs by professional artists for people of all ages.