Dude, Monsters!

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© Courtesy of Think Tank Gallery
Dude, Monsters!

939 Maple Avenue
Suite 200
Los Angeles, California 90015
July 12th, 2012 - July 30th, 2012
Opening: July 12th, 2012 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

downtown/east la
00 1 916-670-3801
By appointment


LOS ANGELES—Think Tank Gallery is pleased to present Dude, Monsters!, a group exhibition curated and arranged by Luke Pelletier and co-curated by Think Tank gallerist Jacob Patterson. Please join us on July 12th, 2012 from 8pm-12am, for the exhibition opening and to meet the artists. We’re happy to take part in the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk and host Pelletier’s second exhibition, his first in California.

Dude, Monsters! is born of the idea that even those who don’t have a defined place within society and the greater art world can find a home together within their unique worldviews. Society has long had a habit of dividing itself into smaller subcultures, and with the presence of the internet, these subcultures have had the opportunity to connect more freely and interact with others that share similar interests and opinions, which has changed their outcast status. Social misfits of all kinds, each artist in Dude, Monsters! finds solace in his work and similarity with that of his peers. Skating, street art, graffiti writing, punk rock and more have started with a rejection of or lack of acceptance to societal regulations, and often only to be adapted and embraced by society as a whole, to varying degrees.

The recent appropriation of genres like street and punk art to the gallery space has polarized many artists and fans, while pushing them forward to continue searching for something new. The idea of social “misfits“ of all kinds is the driving force behind Dude, Monsters!, which adopts a post-street art ideal of basic low-brow principle. The use of zines, alternative art spaces, and true street art and graffiti have recently been methods adopted by artists with or without a prominent voice to get their message out, and Think Tank’s vision recognizes this history. A zine created by Pelletier highlights the work and experience of each artist involved in the show, and will be given away exclusively at the opening.

Think Tank Gallery is a downtown, industrial-looking space that fits the aesthetic of the show, and with site-responsive installation work by Brandon Muñoz, the basis of the show shines through with the character of the environment. Each piece reflects the views of artists of varying backgrounds, and the list of mostly local artists is one of the show’s greatest accomplishments. The artists involved are Donny Miller, Wes Humpston, Michael Sieben, Jimbo Phillips, Michael Hsiung, Mitch Froelich, Dillon Froelich, Ben Horton, Nathan Brown, Mildred, Pacolli, Sean Morris, John Malta, Luke Pelletier, Jacob Patterson, Brad Rohloff, Bryan Peterson, Miles Jackson, Ben Jensen, Gregoy Siff, Alexander Legolvan, Kaleb Higgins, Shplinton, and Nosego.

Check out the video teaser here.

Dude, Monsters! runs from July 12th until July 30th on view by appointment.

For more info or press photos contact Jacob Patterson 916.670.3801 or