Ricky Allman: I'll Capitulate if You Succumb

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I'll Capitulate if You Succumb, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 8' X 13'
Ricky Allman: I'll Capitulate if You Succumb

1733 - A Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
June 30th, 2012 - August 11th, 2012
Opening: June 30th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

santa monica/venice
+1 310 399 0294
Tue-Sat 11-6 and by appointment.


Marine Contemporary is delighted to present I’ll Capitulate if You Succumb, Ricky Allman’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Utilizing the geographic landscape of his childhood in the Rocky Mountains, modernist architecture and gestural abstraction, Allman's work reflects an indefinite future; a complicated and frenetic world of colliding forms often in the moment of origination. His literal and psychological landscapes are a mix of dreamy futurism and bold expressionism, evoking contradictory worlds of order and chaos with a sometimes-sinister beauty.


Growing up as a Mormon in Utah, Allman was taught to believe in, fear and prepare for an impending apocalypse. It is no surprise then, that the themes of religious fundamentalism, paired with an implied critique of technology and its pollutative impact on the pressures of modern society are particular concerns for the artist.


In this new series of paintings and drawings, Allman’s dystopian view of society has made way for more hopeful musings on the future of humanity. Delving further into ideas of human innovation as an evolutionary extension most concerned with self- preservation, Allman believes we are the producer and the product of our tools; we shape them and in turn they shape us.


Projecting current technology's incremental advances into the future yields far more accurate predictions than any theological prophecies. New self-replicating and repairing building materials hint at a possible future of Darwinian architecture that can evolve over time. Using these notions of architecture as well as landscape imagery and abstraction, Allman plays with physical and psychological spaces that depict unconsidered scenarios.


Allman’s paintings also exude a quirky playfulness that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Allman explains that while his concerns are very real, he is never one to forget to find the humor in it all: “The relationship of new technologies and their complementary and integral impact on our minds can expand, alter and distort our perception. Much like op-art and psychedelics in the 1960's awoke us to mental activities that we were previously ignorant of, our new tools of perceiving not only our universe but our neural processes have awoken our current generation to a larger, more complex and increasingly more accurate view of reality, bitches!”


Ricky Allman (b. 1978, Provo, UT, USA) received an MFA with Honors from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA with Distinction from the Massachusetts College of Art. His work has been exhibited and published nationally andinternationally including Paris, Copenhagen, New York and Miami. Allman lives and works in Kansas City, MO where he is a Professor of Painting/Drawing at the University of Missouri- Kansas City.


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