Water: Our Precious Resource

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Wave Break, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas © Courtesy of the Artist and Angels Gate Cultural Center
Water: Our Precious Resource
Curated by: Isabelle Lutterodt

3601 South Gaffey St., Box 1
San Pedro, CA 90731
May 20th, 2012 - August 18th, 2012

beach cities/south bay
Monday > Friday 10 - 5pm; every 2nd Saturday of the month


Using the painting Wave Break by JEN ZEN® (aka Jen Grey, CSULB Art Professor, Faculty Emerita) the Community Gallery considers our fragile clean water supply. 

In an effort to collaborate with the community, the gallery will install a second wave that is a collaboration with young artists and the community. Together, the pieces push us to consider what preserving clean water and clean oceans entails. Is this something that we want preserve? What steps can we take to keep fresh water clean for our families? What steps can we take to keep the ocean free of trash? 

To submit a color swatch or poem about water on a 5x5 inch piece of paper, please email, or call 310-519-0936. 

Brief Bio:
"Being famous is not what counts. It's finding Joy of Life in what you do, and in creation itself." Says JEN ZEN® (aka Jen Grey, CSULB Art Professor, Faculty Emerita). Jen exhibits in the Real World AND Virtual Worlds where online populations are sometimes staggering. This artist has created a lot of art... including 100's of exhibitions, grants, awards, and commissions and publications world wide, including a one-personshow at the Museum of Modern Art in Dalian, China. Jen works with any kind of drawing and painting materials within reach... paint, pencils, fire, dirt, hi-tech computer software and gadgetry, whatever. She's even used a happy cat as a paintbrush, but draws on elemental forces for inspiration... earth, wind, fire, ice and WATER. 

1969-71 James Scholar, Graphic Design, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
1971-73 BFA Suma Cum Laude, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
1973-75 MFA, Hoffberger Fellowship, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland
1975-12 Studio Art Professor, Faculty Emerita, Drawing and Painting Program, Art Department, California State University Long Beach