Eat Drink Art

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Eat Drink Art
Curated by: Edith Abeyta, Meg Madison

4800 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
May 12th, 2012 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Thu-Sun 12-5
mixed-media, digital, installation, graffiti/street-art, video-art, performance, conceptual, surrealism, figurative, sculpture


Celebrate an evening of artistic decadence with splendid flair. We’ll dance, drink, and muse with people whose talents span a mixture of mediums, sounds, and textures—in a one-of-a-kind space. Atop beautiful Olive Hill, close to the stars, in the striking Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Gallery in Barnsdall Park this celebration will feature local connoisseurs to guide you through tastings of spectacular wines and beers offered in local establishments, an eclectic sampling of L.A.’s best gourmet food trucks, and amazingly talented DJs who dare to make you dance.

Celebrate the Gallery and help us raise fun, friends, and a little cash to continue to support Los Angeles’ most important young artists!

Please note: Adults-only event. No one under 21 will be allowed entry.


KCRW DJ Dan Wilcox
Food trucks like Coolhaus, The Border Grill, and many more


ART: Live
Barnsdall Art Center Student Advisory Committee presents
• “Studio Nudes” live drawing by Barnsdall Art Center artists including Larry Eikleberry, Linda Lennon, Roy Smith and others. Guests welcome to participate
• “Mucking About with Clay” with Barnsdall Art Center artists including Noel Korten, Shelia Schoonhoven, Evan Vieser and others

• “Wish I Were Here” pillow display & workshop repurposing knit materials by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) a group of guerrilla knitters.
• “Exquisite Corpse” – The Surrealist’s drawing game all can play.

ART: Sculpture
• “3 Muses” an inflatable sculpture by Anne Bray and Molly Cleator
• “ENVIROMATES” – banners created using the Surrealist’s game exquisite corpse. Artists Carole Markin, Ronn Davis, Meg Cranston, Jim Shaw, Laurel Beckman,Daniel Martinez, May Sun, and Bruce Yonemoto with imput from Boys and Girls Clubs of Watts and Pacoima printed by Freeman Editions.
• Installation – Yarn Bombing Los Angeles
• ” Sayin’ Somethin” by Rosalyn Myles & Suesan Stovall
• “T-party ” by Barbara DeSantis – Pillows made with collaged tee shirts.
• “Colony” by Kelly Thompson

ART: Performance
• One Grain of Sand Puppet Theater – Beth Peterson, Severin Behnen, Ezra Peterson Behnen
• “Yami Pot” – Michiko Yao, Karl Doerrer, Alise Spinella, Yi Sheng, Michele Jaquis
• “”Suddenly Satoe woke up and there was solid and unmistakable me, but I didn’t know if I was Satoe,who had dreamt I was Satoe or Satoe dreaming Satoe was me.” – Satoe Fukushima
• “Skin”. – Christy Roberts
• “Participant” – Paige Tighe
• “man and his dog” – Kean O’Brien
• “Building Bridges: Prayer Rugs” – Marjan K Vayghan
• “4 Fingers Width: The Measure of a Good Day’s Work” – Elise Castillo

ART: Video Film Projections
• Civic Statues Unfrozen for One Half Hour: Clothed Women and Unarmed Men curated by Anne Bray LA FREEWAVES
• “SAVE OUR WHALES” by Christian Cummings
• “Snake Skin Cowboy Boots” – Chloe Boleyn Palmer
• “Entropical” - Taralyn Thomas
• “until I can speak my mind” – Michele Jaquis
• Los Angeles Institute of Experimentation (LIE),  showcasing animated films : Papel Picado by Javier Barboza, Soil by Meejin Hong, The Wing Eater by Nicole Emmons, Lou Morton, Weather Report by Olivia Ambrosia, Baboon by Einar Balvin, Places Other People Have Lived by Laura Yilmaz, Amy Lee Ketchum, Simon Wilches Castro, A Dream Lost by Gregory Jones and Brandon Lake, Paint Showers by Miguel Jiron, Laura Cechanowicz, Eyes of the Sky by Masha Vasilkovsky, Pomegranate by Brandon Lake, False Notes by Moises Jimenez, Magic Porno Theater by Jovanna Tosello
• “DoTV” – Asher Price
• “hysteresis” – Ten Terrell
• “IN THE CORNER” – New double-channel video from CalARTS – Spencer Holden: The Image, Kelly Sun Kim: The Jump, Jason Natalie Rodriguez: Untitled, Marisa Williamson: Recovery, Misra Iltus: Videografix, Ting Ying Han: Passage, Paul Kyle: Shimmer, Minha Park: Untitled Days and Los Angeles, North/South, Audio/Video by Erica Larsen-Dockray
• “MEASURE” – Anita Bunn
• “Untitled (Lasso)” – Stephanie Allespach
• OUT THE WINDOW : LA videos made for Metro buses, Relay by Michael Parker, I (Balloon) L.A. by Michael Rippens, Something Small by Alyse Emdur, Hollywood Farmers Market: A Unique Urban Form by Marie Sullivan, Sustainable Crenshaw by Regina Kimbell, Maravilla Handball Court by Manuel Huerta, Painting the Town by Megan May Daalder, LA Woman by Victoria Delgadillo, Ass on the Street by Elana Mann, Transparent Traveler by Jeremy Eichenbaum, Art or Ads by Lisa Marr, Jolly Blues by Khari Scott, Take Fountain by Stephen van Dyck, I Remember Venice by Will Oloughlen, Melrose Whoopee by Poli Marichal, Boyle Heights by Allen Colombo, Juan Fish Testimonial by Arturo Romo-Santillano,The California Landscape by Peter Bill, Grapevine Landscan by CLUI, Host Landscapes: Indian Places in the Los Angeles Basin by Patrick Kack-Brice, Metamorphosis, a video by Peter Bill and Ann Kaneko