BIGZONE - Everything #1 - Aaron GM

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BIGZONE - Everything #1 - Aaron GM

742 North Broadway
Los Angeles 90012
February 18th, 2012 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Saturday from 2pm-6pm and by appointment


The moment that life is upon us, the moment that our senses have shifted to the very thing that is around, in and of us. Is a simply radical and radically simple move into the very truth of our being here, present. Present to the moment that is infinitely upon us. The beingness of the moment, the simplest thing in the world; being, is the most infinite and radical. Being is the greatest form of mobility, for it absorbs all others. The present moment is the new readymade. The present moment is in a continual state of birth and death. Just like a dancer in a dance. Just as a body moves and thus affirms the presentness of our being, our aliveness in the moment. This is no joke, this is simply put: what is. There is no exit, yet the exit is affirmation. Affirmation from within the mundane. This is the revolutionary act; this is the act that empowers the individual in the face of alienation. This is the Judo reversal upon the attacking landscape. Affirmation of what is, must begin with our bodies. It is phenomenological and is in an instant a feeling, a concept, extending to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, the breath of being. Embody then the authenticity of your movement. Take back what connects us, make submissive what alienates us. Then perform upon the stage you have shifted into consciousness. The present moment is a revelation. Something already there, laid bare. For transparency is a fact of vision.  Redirected into authentic movement and thus empowerment, thus expression, thus self-love, thus love of everyman. And it is equal, available and free.

Aaron GM 2012