Here in Your Space

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Cal State Fullerton Grand Central Art Center
February 4th, 2012 - April 15th, 2012

orange county
(714) 567-7233
Tue-Thu,Sun 11-4; Fri-Sat 11-7


Here in Your Space focuses on the work of three artists - Guy Ben-Ner, Christian Jankowski and Gillian Wearing - engaging in private/pubic space. In the home setting displays of Ikea, the aisles of a supermarket and atrium of a shopping mall, the artists use the medium of video to capture their own private performative actions within these public spaces. All three videos occur in corporate environments - the privately owned spaces that, for much of United States society, have become our defacto places for public gathering.

In light of the economic situation in the United States over the past few years, the issues of individual rights within perceived public space are increasingly at the forefront of the national dialogue. Stories in the news describe squatters claiming foreclosed homes, now owned by banks which received government (public) bailouts; individuals camping out for holiday or ticket sales on private property vs. those camping out in support of the Occupy Movement on public property; and New York's Zuccotti Park, which brought forward the topic of hybrid models referred to as POPS (Privately-Owned-Public-Space).

The works in this exhibition question the anticipated norms of behavior in public and private settings - the attempts of individuals to claim private and public owned properties as their own personal space. They blur the boundary of public vs. private, your space vs. mine.

This exhibition (Project Room Gallery) is made possible through the generous loan support of:
William and Ruth True, Seattle
Regen Projects, Los Angeles
Christian Jankowski, Berlin

This exhibition was organized through the joint vision of Grand Central Art Center's Krystal Glasman, Matthew Miller and John D. Spiak.