Da Aie Park, Won Sil Kim & Omyrrha Levinson Rogers Group Show

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Da Aie Park, Won Sil Kim & Omyrrha Levinson Rogers Group Show
Curated by: Lydia Takeshita

650 A South Avenue 21
Los Angeles, CA 90031
February 19th, 2012 - March 11th, 2012
Opening: March 4th, 2012 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

downtown/east la
Thu-Sun 12-4; by appointment on Wednesday


LA Artcore proudly announces, Won Sil Kim, Da Aie Park, Omyrrha Levinson Rogers.


For a sculptor that declares her work to be without assigned meaning, Won Sil Kim creates work that is so varied from piece to piece that the work has all the appearance of being elaborately conceptual. Her journey through materials shows at every encounter the entire expression of the work changes alongside.   In one series earth and plant material interact with teeming arrangements of oxidized metal.  There’s something remotely familiar in each piece, as through they are evidence of some previously unknown folk tradition. This approach culminated in her Red Room installation, referring to Matisse, pulling the entire room into a monochromatic paper facsimile of itself.  The room was playfully littered with giant cut-out shapes that seemed the remaining curls of the scissors behind a valentine card, one devoted to a feeling of love, and the recollection of a former Korean home.


The introduction of fabric produced large, vaguely organic caterpillar forms, an exploration of wood produced an exhibit of fantastical, poetic walking sticks.  The artist then experienced what appears to be a shift of approach, devoting herself to brilliant colors, wide open vinyl and acrylic-rod framed objects, profiles rising and falling with the addition of found materials such as cloth or glass.  The forms she now devises seem in harmonious step with stretching, arranging and painting, and they are sure to present you with spontaneous bright spots in your experience. View the artist's website at:

 Da Aie Park works from a purely abstract perspective, namely the arrangements of colors on a flat surface, describing their work as the play and combination of colors and form.  Finding lyricism in the purity and intensity of color-field abstraction, the artist discovers evidence of a metaphysical spirit using this intentional simplicity.  The creation of the object is the entirety of the action and the result of human invention, simply producing an object that is saturated with colors, and free of derivation (besides that of nature itself) or of symbolism. View the artist's website at:

Omyrrha Levinson Rogers wishes to refine the announcement of her work with the following statement:  “I want to communicate something about peacefulness, being centered, lovingness, nurturing, the beauty of nature, of the natural elements, the air, the wind, the sky, the gentle breezes, the shining sea, the eloquence of light.  I always hope that others viewing my paintings will be tuned into their own imagination, their own creativity, their own feelings.”