SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE: New works by Virginia Arce & Nat George

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© Virginia Arce, Nat George
© Virginia Arce
© Virginia Arce
© Nat George
© Nat George
SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE: New works by Virginia Arce & Nat George
Curated by: Virginia Arce, Nat George

1057 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
February 22nd, 2012 - March 6th, 2012
Opening: February 25th, 2012 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

downtown/east la
Tues., Wed. & Thurs. 11AM - 5PM or by appointment (see City Market office)
New Media Digital photography conceptual, new media digital


New works by Virginia Arce & Nat George

Opening Reception: Saturday February 25th, 2012, 9-11 pm
Show runs February 22nd to March 6th

The City Market Gallery
1057 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015
213-742-0672 or 213-746-0646

Gallery Hours: Tues., Wed. & Thurs. 11AM - 5PM or by appointment (see City Market office)


The City Market Gallery presents Something’s Wrong With This Picture, an exhibition of new works by Virginia Arce & Nat George opening Saturday February 25th, 2012.

In their second collaboration, artists/curators Arce & George turn the focus inward, each developing a new body of work for this exhibition while curating the other's pieces. Starting from the basis of photography, both artists manipulate, twist and distort originals (manually, digitally and figuratively) to extract new forms and meanings which, while clearly carrying the same "visual DNA", bear little resemblance to their parents.

Virginia Arce's approach to the photographic process takes root in the idea that chaos is the flipside of impending order. Employing the cycles of destruction and reconstruction, meanings of place and identity are subverted, spun around and retold to serve the context of the narrative.

For this exhibition, the artist presents a body of work which aims to defy traditional notions of space/time. In the form of small to medium scale photographs, this work seeks to test the limits of the genre's materiality to inverse and deconstruct indexical signs. The final result remixes familiar places and objects into hybrids of their former selves. 

Virginia Arce’s work has been exhibited at DAC Gallery, Bolsky Gallery and Patrick Painter Melrose Gallery in Los Angeles. She received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design [].

Nat George's new media work addresses the absurdities of contemporary living. By layering icons over innocuous images of urban sprawl and commonplace activities, she creates subtle and subversive commentaries on the problematic issues we encounter daily. In the process of discarding superfluous visual information in the digital files and replacing it with intuitively determined iconography, the artist answers her own questions about the hidden messages in the “slices of life” we feel compelled to document. The result is a series of large-scale digital prints uncovering the distresses and absurdities our society camouflages (and therefore circumvents) under layers upon layers of code.

Nat George’s work has been exhibited at DAC Gallery, The Annex LA, The City Market Gallery, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and Katalyst Foundation in Los Angeles, SCA Project Gallery in Pomona, as well as at Shoshana Wayne Gallery and Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica [].

The City Market Gallery is located on the second floor of one of the oldest wholesale produce markets in Los Angeles. This historic and largely underground venue hosts exhibitions of established and emerging local artists, partially in satisfaction of an Art Development Fee obligation, Cultural Affairs Dept., City of Los Angeles. Secure gated parking is available through a side entrance on 11th Street near the corner of San Pedro.