The Future That Lies Behind Us

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Birds of Passage Ink On Paper 32x26cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
Untitled Ink On Paper 32x26cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
Singing Lesson Ink On Paper 32x26cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
Loss of Information, 2011 Ink On Paper 29.7x42cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
Glueckliche Leseeinheit, 2011 Ink On Paper 42x29.7cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
Leseeinheit ohne Taetigkeit, 2011 Ink On Paper 29.7x42cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
2086/2 Water Color And Pastel On Paper 40x30cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
2045/14 Water Color, Acrylic And Embossment On Paper 40.8x32cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
2051/14 Water Color, Acrylic And Graphite On Paper 32x24cm © Courtesy of OMC Gallery
The Future That Lies Behind Us
Curated by: Rolf Goellnitz

7561 Center Avenue #32
Old World Village
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
February 15th, 2012 - March 17th, 2012
Opening: February 17th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

orange county
By Appointment ONLY
contemporary art mixed-media painting, surrealism, figurative


The Future That Lies Behind Us

Work on Paper


Andrej Glusgold
Wolfgang Herbold
Milko Pavlov

Traveling into the mind of an artist might be something like a time travel into the unknown, the future. Exposed to his ideas, imagination, thoughts, we discover fragments, details, hints, which are awfully close to us or comfortably far away from our own mindset.

Watching Milko Pavlov’s abstract Watercolors, is like floating through their complex and amorphous organic formations, which establish positions in the infinity of White, evaporate or melt together, mounting into dark zones. It is like taking a dive into a process, which seems to get out of control or is about to make sense. It’s like walking on the edge into a space without purpose and yet we easily might discover our fascination for an apocalyptic moment. Elements which seem to be abstract and strange on first sight all the sudden turn into a familiar shape, suggesting a solution, somewhere buried in our mind, to be rediscovered as a future that lies behind us.

Wolfgang Herbold’s Ink Drawings, meticulously executed, suggest due to their enormous precision and great attention to detail that their content is easily accessible. Yet trying to come up with a description of the content proves to be a challenge as the visualized content leaves a lot space for interpretation, but doesn’t offer any concrete hints about it’s origin. Rather than telling us a story the artist applies his creativity to use the picture producing apparatus to document with lines and dots the experience of our daily life, between chaos and order in a self defined micro cosmos, observed with a macro lens.

Last, but not least Andrej Glusgold offers us in his Ink Drawings from the work group “Femme Magnetique” the concrete figurative approach, most prefer to feel safe and – just to be fooled. Rich in detail, almost painful in their enduring precision, these images offer many familiar elements, but turn into non familiar results, straight taken out of a surreal context, frightening and fascinating at the same time. Glusgold plays with our desire for the forbidden fruit and produces a cold shiver when beauty requests the price of a lost limb. The vivid approach of his drawings will burn a lasting memory in the mind or reanimate what was buried a long time ago, in our desperate attempt to create our own reality.

Rolf Goellnitz