Rex Bruce "Moving Violations"

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"#109{, 2011 Archival Digital Print 38"X84" © © 2011 Rex Bruce
Rex Bruce "Moving Violations"

104 E. 4th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
October 13th, 2011 - October 13th, 2011
Opening: October 13th, 2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

downtown/east la
323 646 9427
Wed-Sat 12-5
digital, video-art


Rex Bruce creates videos and stills that are the result of a specialization in recording imagery from within vehicles, as would be natural for a Los Angeles native. Their breakneck velocity (increased by up to 20x the original speed) and cinematic over-saturation composited at different frame rates, compression levels, resolutions and varied states of digital degeneration create a mood of overkill and a noisy intensity that expresses the motorised zeitgeist of Tinseltown, the capital of vehicular excess. Rushing across the freeways during the day and night, rain or shine the artist takes us on a super-sonic wild ride. All the while he is shooting skyward and our attention is brought to the atmosphere, replete with invisible carbon.

We transit the jerky hyper-commercial experience of the drive-thru which is also a record of corporate unhealthiness weaving its way into our paths in a city where get your cash at the drive through teller, you pull up for your Big Mac, then cruise by the pharmacy window for your cholesterol medications. Abject freeway foliage is a favorite subject, and nearby nature-scapes are presented in a most unnatural fashion as we fly across the farm country of i5, the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree (where the artist lives and works half time).

Ultimately the collection of works becomes a personal taxonomy of routes where the individual becomes a processed particle moved along the networked system that constitutes the Southland in an endless mapping of turns, accelerations, and stoppages as they pursue the various functions of life. The collective effect of viewing the works together captures the expanse of the cityscape and the foreboding vision of millions of carbon producing cars for which SoCal is so notorious.