Soft Tissue

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Choroid coat of eyeball, 2010 Watercolor On Paper 30 X 30" © courtesy of den contemporary
Anticipating, 2010 Clay And Miniature Figure In Artist Designed Glass Vessel 5 X 5 X 4" © courtesy of den contemporary
Trap vessel: What if I fall?, 2010 Clay In Artist Designed Glass Vessel 8 X 5 X 5" © courtesy of den contemporary
Constellation of Tartrazine Gummy Bears And Paint On Acrylic Dome 40 X 40 X 22" © courtesy of den contemporary
Soft Tissue

Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Avenue, B261
West Hollywood, CA 90069
September 22nd, 2011 - October 28th, 2011
Opening: September 22nd, 2011 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM

west hollywood/b.h.
Tuesday-Friday 11am-5pm & by appointment
glass mixed-media, installation, conceptual, pop, figurative, sculpture


den contemporary is pleased to present the solo exhibition of YaYa Chou featuring mixed media sculpture and works on paper. In ‘Soft Tissue’, Chou reinterprets the meaning and function of living organisms, from the levels of cellular structures to human beings, while exploring both an Eastern and Western philosophical approach to their significance.

The Eastern philosophy of physiology considers not just the organism’s function, but also its existence for processing and storing physical and emotional experiences. The Western approach places a higher regard for the organ as individual and bodies as isolated structures with clear boundaries. In ‘Soft Tissue’, Chou’s work combine the two convictions and like many artists working today, she develops her ideas through a range of technical skills and a variety of mediums including sculpture, watercolor drawings, and installations.

With her sculptures in ‘Soft Tissue’, Chou creates imaginary universes. She recontextualizes familiar found objects, handmade figurines, and brief emotive phrases, and contains them in a built environment inside hand blown glass shaped as body organs. The vessels serve to both trap as well as protect the enclosed objects.

The exhibition includes a wall installation of plaster barnacles. Housed inside clusters of barnacles are miniature oceanic settings complete with sun (via LED lights), water (painted), sand, coral, and sculpted greenery.

A series of diagram drawings includes scientific imagery poised between abstraction and representation. The drawings depict physiological systems with networks of delicate lines flowing like electrical activity in abstract patterns.  Another series of watercolor drawings illustrates colorful marine life or detailed biological cells. The subjects are accompanied by a mix of medical terms along with intimate messages that range from quiet poetic musings to cautionary riddles.

Chou’s work offers contemplation on nature’s complexity by exploring a diverse organizational structure beneath a seeming singleness and discontinuity. She presents the idea that all life is energy and all matter is energy, and that interconnectivity exists among it all.

The artist was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan and presently lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2000, and her BA from Fu-Jen University in Taipei in 1997. In 2010, Chou’s work was the subject of a solo exhibition at Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana, and her work has been included in group exhibitions at Contemporary Art Center, VA, Museum of Modern Art, NY, and several southern California venues. Publications that have featured her work include Sculpture magazine, Fiberarts, Chicago Tribune, and Artillery.  She is the recipient of the 2011 Fellowship at the Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency, Montalvo Arts Center, CA, and twice she was awarded the Durfee Foundation Grant (2010 and 2007). Chou has received several honors and awards for animation film projects.

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