Perform Chinatown

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ich hasse das verfickte Wäschemachen, 2011 Washing Machine, Drying Racks And Clothes © Courtesy of the Artist and The Company
Perform Chinatown

2660 La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034
July 30th, 2011 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

culver city/west la
Wed-Sat 10-4


Saturday July 30th from 6-10pm

Stephen Neidich
Chung King Road Courtyard from 6-10pm

** & **

Mrs. Mel and Hank's Crabapple Express: A Parking Lot Talk Show
In a parking spot at the end of Chung King Road, from 6-7PM
Stephen's project consists of a washing machine, water pump, and three drawing racks. In the performance, Stephen washes a number of his friends' loads of laundry, and, after they have been washed, hangs them up to dry on drying racks. The varied clothes-- whether they be female, male, intimate or casual-- not only create a portrait of the lifestyles of his friends and the community that surrounds him, but also create a clear, if oblique, portrait of the artist himself: the artist's hand is not mark-making or creating, but in cleaning, drying, and dripping away. The project lasts about six to eight hours, until the clothes are dry. The project has been realized in Berlin and will be traveling to Vienna this fall.
A match made in heaven: MARC HOROWITZ and JOHANNA REED will be riding a wavelength for Perform Chinatown as Mrs. Mel and Hank's Crabapple Express. The Crabapple Express is a one-hour talk and variety show, hosted by Mrs. Mel (Marc Horowitz) complete with sidekick (Johanna Reed as Hank) and band (Johanna Reed's dad's band Beer30). It all takes place in a parking lot, believe it or not, yes, believe it. They'll be wearing matching green blazers, and there will be a fake plant. Because they are funny, there will be jokes. 

Guests may include:
An Annie Lennox impersonator (think about that)
Three people wearing panty hose stuffed with hot dogs
Men who dream of being movie stars yet also bear the burden of having a "rough-looking face" and tattoos
A blind date for sidekick Hank, live onstage
A parrot lady
A magician
An expert
Rip Torn's voice on the phone
Someone semi- to very-famous
At least 20 seconds of existential crisis in a segment called "Wait, what are we doing?"
Good tap-dancing by a trained tapdancer, not a faker

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