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© Courtesy of A + D Museum

900 E. 4th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
August 4th, 2011 - September 4th, 2011
Opening: August 4th, 2011 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

downtown/east la
Tue-Fri 11-5; Sat-Sun 12-6


The global environment, is currently in a constantly morphing state: natural disasters in Japan; civil wars and uprisings in Africa; rising gas prices; and a growing environmental sustainability movement.  Our cities are a reflection of our lives on the brink of a new reality, one where the decisions made today will be intrinsically linked to the future.  How will these social, economic and environmental changes alter the way we live, and how will our decisions change the city for generations in the future?  

Imagine fifty years in the future1where Los Angeles has transitioned into a new paradigm. Sustainable decisions proposed in 2011 have led to a new civic fabric: integrated work-live-play districts united by transit, open space networks connected by green streets, and localized renewable energy production. In short, the conglomeration of Los Angeles is now in the process of transitioning, transforming and ultimately re-inventing itself as a new urban landscape… Decisions by prior generations in America have had a lasting effect on the city of the future; the optimism of the past has become the reality of the present. ‘

In response to the present global and local shifts, RETHINK LA set out to challenge designers, artists, planners and narrators throughout Los Angeles to imagine a city-in-transition.  What will it look like? How will we live?  How will we travel?  Where are we going and how will we get there?

The results of these inquiries are an expansive survey of iconic locations throughout Los Angeles, showing a city of limitless possibilities. In the month of August, the A+D Museum will transform Los Angeles, exhibiting past-present-and-future photographs, interactive installations, and personal narratives that cover a range of individual experiences; all intended to visually and verbally discuss the past in relationship to the present, and transform Los Angeles as an introduction to an unimaginable City of Angels; a blueprint for our shared future